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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An escapade: Bangkok.

This is a severely overdue post, but who cares, since it's Bangkok we're talking about here!

So, for those who are unaware, I actually went to Bangkok for a short escapade (2nd June - 5th June 2013) recently with my bestie (Viv), her bf and well... let's wait for the anti-climatic character - my mom. 

Day 1 / 2nd June 2013:

So, on the morning of the 2nd, we took an extremely early flight (7.15am - let's cue the morning crankiness) via Jetstar and believe it or not, it was my virgin flight. I have went overseas twice prior to this trip... but none required the plane as a mode of transportation. Hence, the flight to BKK was the very first time that I sat on a plane, actually. But yayzers, look, I am still alive!

As it was a morning flight, I actually took a few power naps here and there on the flight, but as soon as we landed, we were greeted by a beautifullllll rainbow near the Thai Airport. An extremely lovely way to start the trip (:

Pichaz credits to Viv

After we landed, we spent the whole of Day 1 doing the necessities - travelling to our hotel (Centrepoint Petchburi) and checking in. Centrepoint Petchburi used to be a service apartment, but it has recently underwent a namechange, and upgraded itself to become a legit hotel. 

Regardless, I was pretty satisfied with both the room and service there! My room had a kitchen, and the room was relatively spacious (+++ the toilet has a bathtub, and Min loves bathtubs wheee). The best part was that, my room was just right next to Viv's room, with a connecting door in between. So double the convenience for both of us, heh!

(Especially for poor me who forgot to bring her iPhone charger and Macbook along to the trip #WITHDRAWALSYNDROMES #COLDTURKEY)

Our hotel is literally within walking distance of both Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market, so yay (; I'd recommend this hotel for lodging for anybody who's interested! It is extremely affordable as well - for a 4D3N accomodation, it only costs us $170SGD per head! 

Here's a image I have stolen off Google Images to prove my point:

After doing all the lehceh stuff, it's time to start doing the fun things... EXPLORING CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET GUISE. Chatuchak Market is like the Thai version of our Bugis Street, except a hundred times bigger and a million times more awesome. 

As we landed on a Sunday, it was the only day we could check Chatuchak out (with it being a weekend market D:) and since there were over 10000 stalls, we decided to focus our energies on the fashion section and only explored around that area. 

I found a few pretty good/cheap buys there :') My total damage at Chatuchak came down to about... $120SGD for the day. 

Scored a few cute buys there and was extremely satisfied with all of 'em heh - ESPECIALLY MY ALPACA NECKLACEEEE. It was the most expensive item I've gotten (at 300 Baht/SGD$12) at Chatuchak but hay, it's the cutest thing ever, so I will forgive myself for that little splurge. Other than that, nothing else was above 250 baht (SGD$10) (:

Obligatory loots shots!

Here's a few tips for those who intend to visit Chatuchak too:

△ The heat at Chatuchak is unbearable for most people, so for those who intend to visit Chatuchak... please dress in something simple and light (e.g. tank top and shorts) - unless you're like me, who can tahan extremely warm temperatures really well lololol, then go ahead and wear whatever you want!

△ Practice the ~calculator speech~. By that, I mean just key in the amount you'd like to pay for a certain product if you find that the price that the stall owner quote is unreasonable. When displeased with the price, JUST WALK OFFFF. Most of them will relent and give you a better price when you're on the verge of leaving.

△ Bargain, but be reasonable. Most of the prices are already really cheap, but since we're in BKK, let's milk them for what they're worth. Most stall owners would be happy to give you more discount as long as you buy more items from the same stall. I remembered liaising with a few fellow Singaporeans I met there to consolidate a purchase and got a pretty good discount for my buys, heh. ;)

As an agaration, these are the market prices so that people won't get ripped off...
△ Tanks/tees - 100-200 baht (SGD$4 - $8)
△ Shorts - 150-200 baht (SGD$8 - $10)
△ Dresses - 150-250baht (SGD$8 - $12)
△ Bags - I didn't buy enough to get a proper gauge, so explore at your own risk!
△ Accessories - Below 100 baht (SGD$4)
△ Male clothings - 200-300baht (SGD$8-$16)
△ "Indie"/handmade products: 250-350 baht (These are typically more well-designed, and the quality shows!)

We walked around Chatuchak for a good 6 hours (non-stop man, non-stop), till our bodies were all sore and aching, and then we finally decided to head back to our hotel and rest before we have our dinners. After washing up, we had our dinner at Platinum Mall's food court, and well, let's just say that there wouldn't be a return visit on our part. The food was awful at best.

Was about to retreat back to our hotel, but we discovered this gem known as the night market outside Platinum Mall. The night market features loads of stalls hawking their products at cheap prices - most of them being handmade/really unique. There was this particular stall that was selling customizable bags/clutches/laptop cases, and they were all incredibly pretty - so me, Viv, her bf all got ourselves a little customized something. Got a few souvenirs/gifts for my friends along the night market too (: 

I actually wanted to purchase this smiley-faced ukelele (SGD$45!) but the stall owner was a bit of a lying asshole, so I decided to give it a past even though it was so damnnnn cute. :'(

After that, hotel sweet hotel!

Day 2 / 3rd June 2013:

Arguably, the day we appointed as the 'Let's-go-crazy-shopping' day between Viv and I. 

We couldn't find Pratunam Market at first, and ended up wandering around some obscure shopping mall that has nothing attractive... at all. But, I did get myself some Starbucks and Toms 'n Toms Coffee from there, so all's good.

Went craycray at Platinum Fashion Mall. Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale mall, where most local blogshops source their clothings from (Well, look at me exposing myself since I own a blogshop too... But it's an open secret, plus I don't source much from there too). Apparently, Platinum used to be incredibly cheap but now, due to the exponential hike in tourists, the prices have raised quite a bit. 

The prices are no longer as competitive as before. Some of the clothings' prices are even similar to our local blogshops' pricing (!!!), so how scary is that?!

Nonetheless, despite the severe commercialisation, I still managed to score a few good/cheap buys there, and brought in some cute clothings for EV as well! Those babies would be coming up soon, so stay tuned! 

Do note though, the people at Platinum are less receptive towards bargaining of prices. Do try to tell them that you're looking for 'wholesale prices'. However, the wholesale price is only applicable if you're buying 2-3 more items! So only purchase from stores you really like, otherwise, you're better off buying from local blogshops. 

Got ourselves lunch at the MacDonalds there, and how can we leave without the obligatory tourist shot with the Thai Ronald McDonald?


Another round at the night market and off we go! 

In our round 2 at the night market, Viv managed to get herself a streetside manicure #achievementunlocked. 

She got a set of Despicable Me Minions nails at only 200 BAHT/SGD$8 WTF. C'mon, express manicure already costs more here in Singapore. Ah Thailand, how I adore you for having such cheap deals.

I wanted to get myself a set of sneaker nails too, but le mother was being a cockblock as usual + my nails are Gelish and they do not have the necessary tools to remove Gelish nails properly. Sighpie. #firstworldpains

Despite that, being the #BADA55 we are, me and Viv decided to get ourselves a tattoo on our wrists. #YOLO #YO-FUCKING-LO. 

Before you drop your jaws and gasp any further... relax, I am not *that* impulsive. It is a temporary tattoo. (Speaking of which, it already faded off sobs). Viv got herself a Dreamcatcher tattoo and well, me, a unicorn. 

We showed the street artist (Mr Bank) the designs we had in mind and omfg, Mr Bank has an impeccable sense of artistic style/photographic memory. He improvised both of the designs that me and Viv gave him into something way more awesome... and the results are as shown below:


And, here's the obligatory "loots of the day" picture:

As you can tell, I brought back some flower crowns (my excuse is that they would be applicable during EV's outdoor photoshoot)...

Finished the day off with a wonderful home-cooked supper (my favourite instant noodles of all-time) cooked by Viv's bf and us sipping Breezer as if it's soda. Well, it really tasted/felt like soda. The alcohol content inside it is pathetic. 

Then, Day 3!

Day 3 is arguably our 'Let's-be-hipster-tourist-and-explore-indie-Thai-places' day. During the day, me and Viv went crazy and decided to have a Round 2 of shopping at Platinum again, since we felt that we haven't had enough of that place in Day 2.

We ventured off to Thong Lor Soi during the night, and can I say, I really, really, really, fell in love with Thong Lor Soi? I would consider it the Thai counterpart to our local Haji Lane, except much cooler. Thong Lor Soi houses all the indie cafes, bars, pubs and even Thai boxing rings. 

I joined Viv and her bf for a little shisha-and-drinking session (even though I didn't exactly shisha, lmao), before we had our late dinner at Bonchon Chicken! Bonchon Chicken is also our SG's 4Fingers, for those who're wondering.

And after dining at Bonchon Chicken, I feel extremely scammed by the 4Fingers in SG. Bonchon Chicken is so much cheaper here, and pumps the exact same taste. We only spent 350BAHT (SGD$16) for 18 pieces of chicken. 

After our fingers-licking feast at Bonchon Chicken, we went down to the famed Mr Jones Orphanage (it's a restaurant, not a real orphanage...) for our lovely desserts wheeeeeee.

You just can't leave BKK without trying Mr Jones Orpahange. Mr Jones Orphanage is a themed restaurant that features all things whimsical, sweet and child-like. In a nutshell, I consider it Heaven. I was mentally slapping myself for not bringing my DSLR along in this trip because the restaurant is.... so incredibly lovely, beautiful and photogenic. *swoons* *inserts lovey-eyed emoji here*

Perhaps I should let the pictures do the talking here.

Got myself a slice of the Oreo Pizza. The Oreo Pizza is stuffed with Oreos (well, duh), roasted/melted marshmallows, and meringue. I was... in love. I was expecting it to be 'jerlat' but surprisingly, I managed to devour the entire slice without it feeling 'jerlat'/sickeningly-sweet at all! Really. Also got a set of the Caramel Tea Set to go along with my Oreo Pizza. Here's my adorable bbg posing with one of the little teacups.

Again, the total bill only chalked up to approximately SGD$8. (How... they... earn... one...?!)
Finally got back to the hotel at about 12 midnight. Of course, I earned an earful from Le Momsie. But it's alright.

DAY 4 (a.k.a the day for us to trudge unwillingly back to Singapore)!

We spent the last day at Roast Cafe (also located at Thong Lor Soi 13, just within walking distance from Mr Jones Orphanage) to have our brunch. The breakfast there was so fulfilllling and fairly affordable. It isn't cheap for the usual Thai fare but hey, we got what we paid for!

Got myself a Roast breakfast set (inclusive of eggs-any-style, bacon, satueed potatoes and salad! also came complimentary with a cup of coffee!) + Half-Baked as dessert. The breakfast was good, but I was in love with the Half-Baked instead! Half-Baked features a warm, half-baked cookie dough at the bottom of the dessert, while a whole scoop of chilly ice-cream is ploughed over it, drizzled with fudge sauce no less. It's the perfecttttt combination, I swear.

Both plates cost about 450 baht (SGD$18) in total! I consider the money well-spent since my tumtumz was extremely satisfied! I wasn't as adventurous in my food choices as compared to my bbg, who ordered a Crabmeat Eggs Benedict. Hers was good but the serving was smaller than expected so do take note!

We went down to Mr Jones Orphange again to have our second round of desserts and to #step #one #ootd.

After Jones, our last stop was to visit Terminal 21! Terminal 21 is a newly-opened shopping mall in Bangkok that is extremely similar to our local malls! The best part? It's an airport-themed mall so the toilets on each level are designed accordingly to the selected cultural background. (Rome? Japan? London?)

Didn't get enough time to explore the place though, as we had a flight to catch. Shopped briefly at the H&M over there... and I spent my last SGD$100 there before rushing off to the airport. Amen. Did some embarrassing things inside the plane too... such as doing a "vlog" and having inappropriate conversations with le bestie in front of a small kid (sorry to pollute your mind so early, young 'un!)...

I reached Singapore. :(

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