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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello wello.


Dammit, I'm so sorry! I have been gone from this virtual space + EV for way too long... but, now I am back, fully packed and armed with ammo to bring EV and this dead blog back with a bang! :3 If you haven't noticed, I have also redesigned this blog! :3 Do hover over the header and the social media icons to see them in colour *v* (#cheapthrills)!

Life's been swell lately, especially since I have been rotting at home 3/4 of the time... and doing nothing productive at all. But well... you know what they say - "Time you enjoy wasting is time not wasted." I was also kept rather busy during this holidays since with camp-related issues and spending time with my friends and family instead. So glad that this holidays have shaped me to become a better friend/sibling/daughter. :3

Anyway, enough of the mundane words. Allow me to spam y'all with my Instagram picspam instead. (Okay, you know what? Just follow me on Instagram already - @ohmyshermin) I promise to update the next entry with gorgeous, HQ, DSLR pictures. Pinky promise. I am just too darn lazy to edit anything right now.

Because Dim Sum makes Shermin a happy child.
A really, really, really happy child. Heh.


Enjoyed the concert sfm, especially with my two bbgs (Tiqqy <3 and Becks <3). The only downside was the long waiting time. Demi literally came out at the time that the concert was supposed to end, but hay, it lasted an hour exactly, so I won't complain much about it. Demi's gorgeous in person. Inside and outside too. :') 

Right now, I am addicted to Heart Attack. #guiltypleasuremoment

Tiffany Alvord happened to be at the concert itself too!

We took a picture with the lovely Tiffany Alvord, but I ended up looking like shit in the photograph, but hayyyyy the two girls besides me look gorgeous, so I uploaded it anyway.


Clearly, a splurge.
I don't spend so much on make-up usually, but tell me, how would you resist that lovely bullet in the YSL packaging?


Sales were quite bad, as I was expecting more crowds, but oh well, managed to earn $xxx at the end of the day, so all's cool! But hay, take a look at the infinity rings I got from my lovely Ling? If you're interested in the rings, please let me/us know as well! :3

Redesigned some stickers to give out to the shoppers at the flea as well! Will probably include them into customers' parcels soon enough!


Alsooooo, I have just submitted orders for EV's comeback/the new collection... and I'm stoked to say the least! Things aren't going very smoothly on the business side, but let's cross our fingers and hope everything goes well after some tidying up :3

Would you guys like some sneakie peekie of what's coming soon? :3 These are just a few of what are to come :3 I'll probably post up more sneakie peekies when the goods at my doorstep!


Nastygal, Topshop, ASOS, Zara, A.Wang... and so much more!
If I could, I would keep every single item from this collection. No kidding/exaggeration!

That's all for now! If you guys still have any more questions, do drop me a note on my Be nice though! Since it's anonymous, you can drop me hate (but guise, why would you hate me? ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ) as well, but... let me just warn you guys right thar  - I can take in insults about myself but do not even try to insult my friends or family or go anywhere close to that. However, if you do, my wrath will then extend its lovely arms towards you. Just saying.