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Friday, September 7, 2012

It has been long.

Is anybody still reading this space? My god, I've been gone for so long, I'm so sorry. Design School just eats up your soul and leaves you with no breathing space. Still trying to adjust myself to this new lifestyle.

It's the holidays now and I've finally recharged myself after many sleepless nights during the school term! Been channeling the new energy into the store and I'm glad to announce that EV's service is a lot more efficient. :) Almost next-day postage (or max 3 days) because I've been packing mails virtually every single day this week since the new launch! :)

Here's some new visuals to refresh this place again! Most of them are stolen off my own Instagram, obviously. Sometimes I feel that this blog is my alternate platform for Instagram, just with more words. Oops. :( I haven't been a very diligent DSLR owner!

Here goes, in chronological order:

2nd July 2012 (Me and da boiz's anniversay!) 

A year after he sent me THAT infamous text haha. Inside joke hehe.
Hooray! Actually, at the time of this post, we've already past our 14th month. Hehz.

This boy so smart hehehehe he knows I hate flowers so he got me teddies in a bouquet emojiemojiemojiemoji 

Various OOTDs:

Schoolwork-related stuff:
Portfolio, Photograph, Wire Sculpture's "skinning" (experimenting with paper textures and layers)

EV-related visuals:
Stamps for the shop! :D Stamped on the back of the envelope as return address in the event of undelivered mails!

EV's feature in Teenage Mag Aug 2012 issue :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
Was so glad my little baby made it this far, to get published in a magazine! Even though it was such a small corner of a page haha (:

Little promotional poster I made for the new collection!
Which is now launched, btw (:

Last but not least, here's some pseudo-photographer shots that I've taken for a photography assignment in school! This is also part of my attempt to include more 'profesionally'-shot photographs in my blog instead of the usual Instagram shots!

My first time shooting macro/nature photography, so my apologies if I look like an utter noob :( I WENT AROUND CHASING BUTTERFLIES AND THEY ATTACKED MY LENS :(

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