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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Count your blessings .

Haven't been in the best of moods lately.

Received my results... I don't know what to feel about it. I got above my expectations, but I'd really love to score above 3.0... but I guess this is reality for me. I can only learn from my lessons, and work harder for the upcoming semester. I'm very thankful that my parents are surprisingly okay with this subpar GPA, as they knew I've tried my best.

Nothing seems to be going right lately.
EV's sales are dipping so bad, I barely had any orders in the most recent launch. I am hoping the next launch would pull things up. This is making me hesitate on purchasing the next batch of goods for upcoming collections... My goal to reach $xxxxx in the business seems to be dimming by the day...


I realized I haven't actually done this before but i'd really like to count my blessings and thank the people in my life.

There's so many blessings everywhere.


First of all, A, my wonderful boyfriend who has been terribly sweet to me for the past 14-going-on-15 months (these days, at least haha) of us being together.  He has been the best of help regarding my birthday party preparations - getting people to confirm on their attendance, trying to help me out with the planning, offering to get the decorations.

Additionally, he divulged that another surprise birthday party would be held on my actual birthdate. I don't know about the details but he promised it'd be good. So I know it'd be great. :)

Accommodating me to places to satisfy my gluttony tummy. Specially bringing down my favourite food (Mac 'n Cheese from Fat Boys & Plain Vanilla cupcakes) to my doorstep whenever he knows I'm busy dealing with EV's shit, even though it is to his utmost inconveniences.

Also, using his chef-like abilities to cook me some whooping good meals. Mac & Cheese plus sandwiches. :3 Taking care of me whenever I've minor illnesses and trying to stay awake till as late as he can (even though he's a early bird and I'm a nocturnal owl). For holding me, my tiny fingers and telling me everything is okay, to hang on, even when they're not particularly so.

Most of all, for tolerating with my very very very very bad mood swings these days due to pressure sources coming from all over. I know I might come across as not being appreciative of your actions these days, but I am. I truly am, and I love you.

I am just overwhelmed with everything, with my mind and thoughts clouded with uncertainty.

We've our fair share of nasty times. We fight, we shout, we yell the fuck out at each other. We even went through a major break-up at one point. I get disappointed, you get frustrated, we fight really bad.

But we always find a way back to each other.


Of course, my lovely parents. Once again, there's always a few dim-witted moments in our conversations, and that leads to a short-fused and strained relationship between me and my parents.

But I'm very very very thankful that they're here.

For always checking that I've enough money in my wallet, for checking whether I'm healthy, fit, and having enough food in my tummy. For being protective (though, severely so) of me and my well-being.

They're really adorable in the ways they want to make my 18th birthday a splendid and grand one. Offering to buy me the new 650D and Prada wallet even though I've only casually said so a few weeks back that I wanted those. (but I declined their offers, since I'd rather work for them myself as far as possible :D).


Also, my bunch of friends. Very lovely people. I'm a people of a few friends. But I'd really like to thank these particularly group of people who are/have been here for me:

1) Ling - My squishy little tofu who loves her Xiao Rou Rou boyfriend oh-so-much (HAHAHA exposing all your dirty secrets)

2) GRS + Sica - My babygirls - Am glad we're still as tight as ever, even though all of us are in different schools now. :'( Miss the days when we were all at DMC.

3) My terribitches (Jiayu, Gillian & Hazel) from SD. We really worked and played hard through the previous semester. Staying up late to finish our work, going crazy over assignments... Even though we're all splitting ways as we enter the Diploma courses, I'm gonna miss them a lot :( Also, the funny bitchy moments, ah...

4) FIGHTERS-SAEYO - We haven't met up much these days due to craziness of each other's schedules (particularly mine nowadays :x) but they're really lovely and always here for me whenever I need to let out some private rants.


Last but not least, my brother (SURPRISINGLY). He has been staying at the NTU hostel these days, and as shocking as this sounds, I do miss him quite a bit. My brother has always been a recluse since young. Seldom talks, barely speaks a word or two. When we do converse, we almost fight 80% of the time. But, that was all in the past... thankfully.

He started to open up in recent years and decide to be nicer to me. And of course, it was a mutual thing.

I've been telling him my problems lately (whenever he's back home) and he'd often give logical solutions and advices to my problems. Teaching me how to handle them. The best part is, he wouldn't bother to sugarcoat his words, so his advices are as real as it's gonna get.


It's 2.52am, and I'm learning more about counting my blessings.

My life isn't perfect, it never will be. But there's so many lovely people in my life, so there's no reason for me to get severely upset at a few down moments.

On a random note, beach date with A tomorrow! (:

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