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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lying under the stars

Lying on the sandy beach (albeit with sand getting caught up into our eyes every once in a while), cuddling with the one you love while basking under the drape of the picturesque purplish night sky.

Stars were twinkling, and our (or rather, my) tiny little fingers were stretching out and pointing at the blinking lights that shone across the sky, attempting to count the amount of stars in the sky. The moon was all the way at the edge of the horizon, and not under our direct sight, which makes for a dimmer night.

I counted 27, you counted 25, but we both know there were billions of other stars out there, we just don't see it yet.

Then I told you about the superstitious belief that each star that hangs above in the sky is linked to each soul on Earth. I childishly/naively pointed and shouted at one connected/parallel pair of stars above, "Could that be us?"

You kissed my forehead as I turned and you said, "It is", and we carried on with our heart-to-heart conversations.

It was one of the simplest, purest, yet best moments in my life.
Except for the sand that got into my eyes, but we'd solve that next time. ;)

Bliss. <3

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