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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lying under the stars

Lying on the sandy beach (albeit with sand getting caught up into our eyes every once in a while), cuddling with the one you love while basking under the drape of the picturesque purplish night sky.

Stars were twinkling, and our (or rather, my) tiny little fingers were stretching out and pointing at the blinking lights that shone across the sky, attempting to count the amount of stars in the sky. The moon was all the way at the edge of the horizon, and not under our direct sight, which makes for a dimmer night.

I counted 27, you counted 25, but we both know there were billions of other stars out there, we just don't see it yet.

Then I told you about the superstitious belief that each star that hangs above in the sky is linked to each soul on Earth. I childishly/naively pointed and shouted at one connected/parallel pair of stars above, "Could that be us?"

You kissed my forehead as I turned and you said, "It is", and we carried on with our heart-to-heart conversations.

It was one of the simplest, purest, yet best moments in my life.
Except for the sand that got into my eyes, but we'd solve that next time. ;)

Bliss. <3

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visuals, again!

1. Schoolwork teeheez. Finally something that I'm rather proud of, compared to my previous works, yikes!

2-4: HP Exhibition with love~ Bought chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean. We did a taste-testing video too ahahaha. It's up on Facebook but I shall not bring the horror here.

5. Homecooked macaroni for last Sunday! Finally, my mom didn't ~set fire to the kitchen~ sings in the style of Adele. 

6. The day I put on make-up. HAHAH. I camwhored quite a bit :B

7-8: High Tea @ Arteastiq with love <3

9: Did a canvas painting there with Love, one of the best painting experiences ever hahah. Even though both of us have differing opinions on how the painting should look, it still turned out rather fabulous, we though teeheez.

10: Ice-skating with le classmates!

11: Twelve Cupcakes bought for me by love! They tasted really good. We had Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream and another Chocoball(?) cupcakes!

12: So... I changed hair colour again! The sad part is, it looks so much brighter in photos than how it looks in real life. In real life, my hair is a purplish black under normal light, and slightly purplish only under sunlight :( It's supposed to be red-pink-purple ombre sigh. I hope it'll fade gracefully to its intended shade though, cause my base colour is a bleached platinum blonde so it should fade nicely over the course of one week/a few washes.

On the bright side, my hair does looks healthier now (well, still not the best condition, but hey, it's been blaeched 4-5 times and dyed 3 times, cut me some slack HAHAH)... after the expensiveeeeeeee treatment though :

Basically, my blog is just a written replica of my Instagram account with more words and captions. I'm sorry folks, DSLR pictures needs to be edited and they're so much harder to upload! Besides, it's so convenient to just snappppp snappppp all the way with a mobile phone compared to the bulky ass camera :( 

Intending to get myself an Olympus Pen but I could feel my dad's blood boiling with anger, rage, and many parangs coming my way if I do initiate this idea to him lmao.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This holidays, is not exactly a holidays. But I do get a break... somehow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Design Life

I'm finally back from Design Life! Finally, it's the damn vacations and it's time for a rest. :3

It's utterly crazy in School of Design @ SP. I seldom get sleep, and even when I do, it's really little amounts. Submission dates are arranged after one another and it's just plain crazy. I could sleep while eating dinner/snacks. I also got a few C+ grades (which I've never gotten back in Media&Comm so, it was just plain disappointing and upsetting) for the "heavy" modules. Meh.

But when life throws you lemon, you make fucking lemonades to throw and spill it all over them. SO I GOT THE ASPIRATION TO GET AT LEAST 2 new As TO PULL UP THESE GRADES.


1) Charcoal drawing,
2) VAS pictures + sketches
3) My work for Graphic Communication class a.k.a the only module left that I have hope for in getting an A.

Mockingjay, galaxy shorts, unicorn shorts, cross studded shirt + ombre shorts
All of the above you see are coming soon to EV ^^
Excited? Heh.

Visited La Salle Graduation Show/Museum & Singapore Arts Museum with my classmates just yesterday! Was totally in awed.. and felt bouts of inferiority complex coming in haha.


Bits and pieces from everyday life. If you can't stand my face ugly... hmm sorry that I don't put on any make-up to school most of the time haha. Too lazy.