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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dipdye (again).

I dip-dyed my hair again. (What's new?) HAHHAHA.

This was my "inspiration" picture when I showed it to the hairstylist:

The After/Real Deal/ME:
P/S: Lace collar tip top/dress will be available in EV soon! ^^
Apparently this new hair of mine has been very 'well-received' heh ^^ Thanks for the manyyyy compliments guise :3

The hair ends are achieved after 5 times of bleaching (Yes, my hair ends are damaged as hell now but they're pretty so it compensates for this shortcoming HAHAH) + a total of 8 hours in the salon.

Pretty darn happy with the results! 
P/S: Now it's fading to a nice turquoise... :3

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