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Monday, March 5, 2012

School, school, school.

Funny how I'm posting about school during the holidays. Ah, the juxtaposition in this case, is such irony.

So, sometimes people ask me why I wanted to change my course? There's 3 simple reasons.

1) I've grown increasingly weary of the people here.

I've truly met great people here. I've met one of the loveliest class ever - 01. I've my girls, Yong Yuan Ying (ahahah we changed our "clique name" again). I've met the QT5. I've met the "Chindian" family and many other people in my class. I've also met him. They're all so lovely in their own ways. It was a fresh and refreshing start from secondary school, tbh

But it isn't all that jolly.

Underneath all that, I've seen countless conflicts, bitchings, sometimes even backstabbing. And... more. Not just in class, but course-wide. Kinda upsetting, isn't it? Sometimes, I even become a part of it.

In order to "fit in", I've to bitch about some people too. I am honestly not proud of it, I'm not, but circumstances made me act in that way. I don't like being a bitch, but if you don't, you can't survive in this classroom.

And then there's also some unpleasant characters in both the class and the course, which for obvious purposes I shall not name. The judgmental bitches and annoying assholes. They should know who they are.

2) I came into Mass Comm, with the idea that I am going to be a magazine editor/fashion journalist. Dreams shattered!

I was fucking wrong.

I came into this course and learnt nothing about writing for magazines. Except for, perhaps, 10% of the entire course. Even then, it was just through news-writing. I was interested in writing for magazines, not newspapers, but that's alright. I still enjoyed that module since I'm good with my (written) words.

The rest of the course involves me learning about marketing, news writing, communication principles, advertising and PR, BLOODY ECONS. What for? I am not going to become an economist or financial journalist. Now now now, they said that Year 1 was supposed to be foundation year - but when I looked at the upcoming Y2's modules, I seems to dread it even more.

More Advertising, more PR, with the added dash of Consumer Psychology and Law. Yeah, sounds absolutely fascinating... things that I'd totally do... Right.

I know, some of you might be going on about, "HEY YOUR GPA NOT THAT BAD WHAT? QUIT FOR WHAT FUCK?". Wrong. It's actually comparably bad if you look at my other coursemates' GPA. Most people in my class have a GPA of 3.55 and above. The average is 3.55-3.6 or even higher, I'd say? My GPA is actually below average.

Let's not talk about this upcoming semester's results. I don't even want to look at it. I already prepped myself to see a figure below 3.0. It's that bad. I've so many Cs, severe lack of attendance, perpetual late comings and I didn't exactly ace the exams (well, I tried my best but sometimes, you know your best just isn't enough). With such sucky GPA, how the hell do I charge forward in this course?

When we all know it's just going into this path - Private Uni. Byebye local Us!

3) I wanted to get into Visual Comm.

I think if I were to compare my writing and my designing skills, I'd say my designing skills is more superior. I was a true-geek back then - appreciating the holiness of zee Photoshop and HTML.

You know those Blogskins that were raging back then when we were young? I was a Blogskins designer. I even worked as a freelance designer since I was 12 (YEAH SUCK ON THAT BITCHEZ). I earned pennies then, but it was considered big $ for the young 'lil me!

Yes, I can write, but I can't write anything fascinating, and not something that would blow people away. In comparison, my designs, ahem, constantly amazes people. (I'm not trying to be BHB but people are just generally shocked at how well-versed I'm in Photoshop) My writing skills just stops at a stagnant point. No improvements, just sheer regression.

For those of you who knows me personally, you guys should know that I was born in an English-speaking family. I actually flunked English all the way till I entered secondary school. Being in an IJ school, and being an IJ girl means that we've to articulate ourselves in immaculate English - because that's how people perceived us to be.

Gone with the days whereby I'll insert excessive amounts of Singlish and Chinese words in my sentences. I still do, but definitely not as often as before. I can safely say that I'm effectively bilingual, but English is not my first language. Does it makes sense? Hmm, maybe not.

In Visual Comm, they get to do visual diaries, they design, they photographs, they do everything that I adore. Well, there seems to be a dry module called "Graphic Design History", but I guess I can deal with that. Can be rather fascinating to hear about History of design.

At least they're not learning any modules like Econs, PR, and the likes. Worst thing about DMC is that they're revamping the course next year and there will be no more concentration modules. I can't even concentrate on my favoured modules.


However, you should have realized by now that I am not going anywhere else.

Well, it's not that I don't want to, because I very much want to leave the hell out of this place, but it's because I can't. The parents forced me to either give up EV and transfer course with a new start, or suck it up and stay in this course. It's obvious which choice I made, right?

They believe EV is the root of all problems, but it isn't.

They just haven't been through school.

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