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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Of galaxies, unicorns and glitters.

The title is as literal as it gets - of galaxies, unicorns, and glitters!
I should stop talking and start filling this space with pictures more often.
Finally a proper picture of the Galaxy shorts I've been working on!
I hope you girls like what you see! I should be working on more. These galaxy shorts are so prettttty right? *v*
 They're one of a kind too because I make sure none of my shorts looks exactly the same.

 Another Facebook shop are selling similar shorts for $80AUD then I was like ._____. GOD.

But then again, loads of efforts goes into crafting these shorts!
The base price alone for the shorts cost a lot too!
Do formspring me on how much these should be priced/the highest you would pay for this pair of shorts?
My Topshop Pegasus Crop tee that the boy bought for me after we went out for a movie after work <3
Another work-in-progress! Unicorn shorts, anyone?! *v*
These fabrics are definitely exclusive to us... we've another bulk of fabric coming in soon and all we need is... more denim shorts to work out!

Gah loving these shorts!!!1!!! :3

Polaroid Land SX-70 One-Step camera! If anybody's interested in purchase, drop me a note!

Sneak peek for next collection. Also one-and-only ;)

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