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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's induce happy thoughts.

Let's see, this is how bipolar I am. A minute ago, I was whining about my personality flaws and now I'm gonna get all chirpy about the USS trip/one-day-job I had!

Let me just say that I went onto the roller coasters with zero hours of sleep. My body clock is insanely screwed and I'll only sleep at 6am and wake up at 3pm or later. My job started at 8.30am and I decided that I should just go without sleep. If I attempted to sleep, I'd surely oversleep. And so, I went onto Battlestar Galatica, Transformers, etc and everything without any sleep at all. Normally, I'd have died but surprisingly I was still "high" and active till my job ended at 4.30pm.

My job was to escort the Japanese kids inside USS and bring them all around the attractions... and damn, I love my little Japanese girls (wait they are not little at all, they are almost about my age, damn HAHAH)! They're incredibly well-mannered, polite and nice! They even gave me a gift! A traditional Osaka toy and origami paper :3 I miss them already, omg hahah.

My two lovely siao kias making #hippoface. The new 9Gag hippoface. Duckface is so last year.

Pictures all stolen from @Alvatronix's instagram HAHAHA.


Yesterday was A's VERY BELATED 19th birthday BBQ. It was really great heh, I bonded with the girls and also had a happy time with zee boy and his friends. I actually tried to barbecue for the first time ever (and not the one sitting and waiting for food to be served hahaha)! Luckily for me (and the people who were going to eat), I didn't burn anything!

No pictures yet because I am lazy/am waiting for other people to upload the pictures first HAHAH. Also because there'll be tons of my unglamorous moments :(

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