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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just because you're an adult?

Lately, I met one of the worst "customer" of EV.  I've had minor problems/misunderstandings with other customers, and with most, we reached a compromise/understanding.

But this "customer"... she got her dad to display her some 'business legal rights' on me.

So this is how the story goes:

At approximately mid-late Jan (20th-22nd that timeframe lmao), this girl, let's just nickname her X, shall we? She purchased a blazer from me (via normal postage) and she paid promptly for the item. I was very busy with my schoolwork/exams then so I mailed her blazer out slightly later, at approximately 28th Jan, I sent out her blazer and afterwards, I e-mailed her that her blazer was already mailed and that she should be expecting it soon. All seemed fine.

During the first week of Feb, she mailed me afterwards that she did not receive her blazer. As it was mailed via normal postage, there was nothing much I can do except to ask her to wait it out. I could check with SingPost but they normally would not entertain lost normal packages. It's literally scouting out a needle out of a haystack.

I did attach a return address at the back of every parcel though and if the parcel was to be bounced back to me, I'd definitely remail it back to her. The item was mailed via normal postage and there's only this much i can do. If it's mailed via registered, at least there's a tracking number to prove and track everything.

Here comes the fiasco,

Earlier on this week, I received a very 'stern' email from X's father (or so, I would assume, since there was tons of adult-ish terms, and a very oppresive tone in the email, i would say), stating that they have not received the item for these 2 months (oh clearly, you couldn't have mailed me back earlier?) and THEY EXPECT ME TO PROVIDE PROOF OF DELIVER, ELSE THEY EXPECT ME TO EITHER REFUND THE MONEY OR TO RE-MAIL THE ITEM WITH REGISTERED POSTAGE.

Not just that, he even added another sentence of 'knowing his legal rights' because he has been in 'business long enough'. He even added that it's 'your words against the PO' to add.


You're kidding me, right?

Your daughter bought a parcel from me and chose/PAID for normal postage. Should every customer comes up to me because they lost a package from choosing normal postage and expect all of those shenanigans, I might as well jolly well shut my business down?

I answered afterwards that I am not held responsible once the item has left my hands. As item is mailed via normal postage, there is no sign of recovery/tracking. What else can I do, honestly?

I received an EVEN MORE unfriendly reply - saying that I am answering him in an unfriendly manner (joke, take a look at yourself before taking it out on me - while my tone certainly was not jolly, it was not UNFRIENDLY either), and also that I cannot 'disclaim my responsibility' simply because his daughter did not pay for registered postage. Basically, it boils down to - I *must* give out proof of delivery or get prepared to get under the "legal arms" of said father.

Thanks to this guy, I am imposing an additional 20cents charge on ALL of EV's normal mailed parcels. Sorry girls, I would very much like to absorb the costs, but it is hard work to fill out each form individually/manual work too. Plus, if 20cents starts to accumulate, it does becomes a significant amount.

Oh and let me continue - He even added phrases such as "I am in business long enough to know my legal rights" in the e-mail. His tone was certainly very friendly.

What is it with the oppressing tone of "expecting the refund", "expecting the item to be mailed via registered" since they have not received it? It is common knowledge that while normal mails are generally safe, there is still that slight chance of it going missing, and that is why registered postage exists, albeit at an additional cost of $2.25 - pay it to get a piece of your mind, sir.

Your daughter should have read the terms and conditions on EV's page. It stated loud and clear that WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND REGISTERED POSTAGE and that WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST MAILS. 

I've had buyers having problems with registered postage parcels and I did help them, give them proof of delivery and etc and if eventually, if it boils down to my own mistakes/carelessness that leads to packages being lost, I did promise to refund. I also had several buyers who lost their mails/got their mails returned to me and I even remailed it back to them at my own costs (you know, I have to pay again for re-mailing...). Most were understanding.

And gurl, seriously? You had to get your dad to settle your blogshop buying experience? 2 months after you bought the item itself? Way to go! Normally, shouldn't it just involves buyers and sellers itself? How about I get my entire family involved into replying you and your dad and I am sure it'd become a celebrated debate - how jolly would that feel?

At the end of the day, my own dad started to criticize the way I handle my business (thanks, dad) and advised me to refund X before I get into "legal trouble" (wegotabadassoverhere.jpg k dad k). He also forced me to add the whole mandatory C.O.P onto EV site to prevent more of such troubles. Which is why, normal postage will now cost 20 cents more. I'm sorry, really.

This whole issue has opened my eyes to the harshness of adults and how much they think they "know it all". We, kids/children, might be young, but we're not stupid and oblivious to the reality of the whole 'adults world'. Trust that when I become an adult, which is in approximately 6 months time,  I'll definitely NOT use such oppressive and critical tones on people of younger ages.

I know I am clearly being unprofessional by posting this here but I have held the girl's name and identity anonymous. If she's guilty of it, there's nothing I can do. If the said father wants to take me for legal action based on this blog post, there's nothing I can do about it either.

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  1. I don't like when people belittle others or think they are of higher authority just because of their age. Just because you are older doesn't mean you have the right to talk down to me and think that "you know it all". Someone that is 20 could have more life experiences and wisdom than someone that is 40. The local florist that I work at just implemented a way showing our proof of delivery by having the drivers use signature pads. We just had a complaint a little bit ago when a customer stated that we didn't deliver to the address that they stated. Of all the papers we keep on file, that is the one we couldn't find, which is why they brought on this new technology. If you had on your site that you aren't responsible for lost mails, could they have really sent legal action on you though? I feel like when ever someone has an issue with someone they bring up "legal reasoning" to scare someone instead of trying to resolve the issue themselves.