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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I finally decided to become less lazy.

Lo and behold! I finally decided to be less lazy and actually get to editing pictures from my DSLR and post them here! I should stop posting Instagram photos... but I can't help it haha. Instagram is so much more convenient compared to DSLR but the resolution of the photographs suckzzzzz. Oh well!

Here's some ~high quality~ images for your enjoyment.

Pictures from zee USS trip, A's birthday BBQ and random snippets of delicious goodies.

Becca's pastel coloured nails. Of which she was very proud of and kept showing off her nails the whole day HAHAHA that cute girl ah.

My three qtpies :* Gwen has an extremely unglam photo but I shall not post it up to protect her reputation ^_^v #goodfriend101

All 3 of them looks absolutely hilarious here omg.
 Idk what A was trying to do and Gwen was probably impersonating Merlion or something.
Becca's just literally LOL-ing.

Do not judge our eyebags. DO NOT. :(

Syark's face in the background HAHAHA.
Also, somebody a bit Hipster here ah! A bit only!

These two make me doubt their sexuality a lot.
Then I realized I am A's (right hand side hahaha) girlfriend.
Then it made me think whether I'm a man :(

Ice-cream cake! Cookies and cream *v*

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