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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paint me a galaxy.

Who's up for some galaxy shennigans?

The following Hipster-esque photographs is not to further broadcast the fact that I'm a pseudo-Hipster but to sell off my lovely little Polaroid

(One-Step SX70! You know, the classic one with the rainbow stripe! HOW HIPSTER RIGHT?)
E-mail me at if you're interested in either the galaxy skirt (yes, I do customization services! Can paint on denim shorts and other common materials!) 

 Oh and I reallllllly need to know where to find more black high-waisted denims to work on! I obviously need the ones with nicer cuttings since I don't want my customers to wear shorts with gorgeous galaxy prints but ugly cuttings lol. :( 

MY SUPPLIER RAN OUT OF THOSE BLACK SHORTS AND I'M TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY, SAD. I need more for these galaxy painting works and definitely more for upcoming fabrics that will leave you girls jizzing in your pants. Not even kidding.

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