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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Is it just me or is this pair of Dr Martens Velvet boots just... divine?

I mean, holy fuck... Velvet and DMs... it's calling for me!!!1! think I'm falling so deep in lurrrrrrve~

Not with the price-tag though. Ling told me that it was retailing at about $279SGD in Singapore? That's like.... gah how many hours of work again? I don't even want to bother doing the calculations lmao.

P/S: NEW LOOK HERE AT OHGALAXY.BLOGSPOT.COM AGAIN. I am just slightlyyyy fickle in my layouts/designs. Heh.

I was just done with packing EV's mails for the day and now, it's back to my Dream High 2 (A Korean drama, JUDGE ME BITCHES JUDGE ME) and ANTM C18 marathon as I proceed to screw my body clock up further! Life seems pretty swell rn, so I hope this will continue on :3

Shall try to prepare for EV's next launch/get new arrivals and purchase BOs too! :)

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