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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Next time, if I buy a car, there will be some things I'd take note of.

You learn how to cherish somebody/some thing under two conditions:
1) When they're not yours
2) When they leave/are gone.

Which is why, during the pursuit, everything is so sunny, glorious.

The pursuit:

It's like working hard to earn a decent salary per month because you've a 'goal'. You wanted to buy that  luxury sports car you set your eyes on months ago. Perhaps the Ferrari/Lamborghini/whatever. It was just your dream car, 'nuff said. You worked so hard to get that car - and alas, it's finally yours! Do you still continue working hard as before? Perhaps not. You no longer have the need to.

After you get the car, there's another issue you need to be concerned about - maintenance. Other people could scratch your car. Or you could spill a drink or two in it. Maintenance "costs", aye, they are kinda hefty huh?

You pay for it to protect your precious car at first, but the costs will soon burden you over time.

The beginning:

Previously, you thought the Ferrari was basically the most perfect sports car ever.
Luxurious, rich, and an enviable item that most would be jealous about.

Just like the car, over time, the paint will start to chip off, or the engine will regress. There will be more scratches, and hey, the car is no longer as beautiful as when you first gotten it?

Ocassionally, while it gets scratched by other douchebag cars or the newest top-notch sports car, but you'd always find out where that little scratch was, and attempt to fix it. Even if you don't, you'd never fail to bring it for a check, or at least try to do something about it.

It was still your precious car, but you start to feel the pinch of maintaining it.

The downhill:
The car starts to show signs of regression. The engine isn't working as well as before. The tyres get flat because it is not properly maintained. Your car bails on you sometimes. It gets slower and you can no longer get to the same destination at the previous speed.

You realized that there are so much more problems in the engine - compared to when you first got it. It went from being perfectly silent, into producing weird noises each time you start it out. The internal engine fails in comparison to the glossy exterior it used to possess on the outside.

It goes from being your dream car into a regressing tool that starts to hinder your everyday life. Engines starts going "CHINK CLAUNG !@#$%^&*()" and utters all sorts of weird nonsense as you drive. Frankly, it annoys other drivers too.

You're frustrated, but you can't silent the engine. There's only so much you can do.

You still drive the same car to work, because you paid so much for it and it is still in usable condition, but over time, and occasionally, the tyre starts to go flat because it's no longer taken care of as much as before, and you can't get to work. You get frustrated, and finally, you start to lose it.

The car can't do anything about it either.
Neither can you.

Occasionally, you start to check out the new cars, and then you realized, perhaps your current car's value has depreciated?

You try to fix your car, but you realizes there are a lot of underlying problems.
The maintenance costs start to become... a burden.

The alternatives:
You choose not to take the car anymore, for it's just... not as good as it was before.
You store it in the garage and for getting around town, you have other alternatives. It's pretty convenient to get around these days, anyway.

You soon realize there are so many other viable options and alternatives - public transport? a new car?
Sure it takes time and money to work hard for a new car again, but as soon as you sell your previous car with the broken engine away, you'd get the other/new car so much easily now.

You debated with yourself - selling your current car away means you've no "back-up" plan to get everywhere else when public transport breaks down, and besides, you probably paid so much to get it in the first place, but you've to sell it away at a much lower price and it was just simply not worth it.

But alas, you made the painful decision - to sell it away.

Your used car gets sold to another dealer. You couldn't bear to dump it at first, but...
It is not the same dream car anymore. It is now a deserted 2nd hand car with depreciated value.
With some furnishing, the car might feel new again, but it'll take a lot of refurbishing and effort.

If other potential owners start to see the diamond in the rough and chose to reburbish it, fix the engine, change the tyres or simply reassemble it, it has the ability to become a bigger and better car. But it takes one with great patience and great amount of strength to do that.

But, only, if there's another owner who can see the value of the old and broken engine, and could commit to reburshing it, otherwise it'll just remain as a piece of scrap metal.

Old, abandoned, deserted, useless and unsold.

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