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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Current wants.

It's quite predictable, really haha.
Galaxies, unicorns and dreamcatchers.

On another note, I just completed another pair of galaxy shorts! I don't think it's as pretty as the other one (hahah look at me being very critical of myself whenever it comes to 'art') but I think it's still pretty nonetheless! Will probably put it up on sale very soon!

Itinerary for today:
(In sequential order haha)

- Collate the next batch of BOs and send to supplier.
- Do all necessary refunds on EV
- Get new stocks from supplier laterrrrrrrrrr
- Get new shorts for more projects. (YES STAY TUNED BBs)
- Satisfy my food cravings and go thrifting/photography adventure by myself
- Pack parcels at night
- Sleep!

My life is getting more and more mundane.

 It's funny how I would use to cry over this, very much like 2 weeks ago, strangely I'm perfectly sane and enjoying life the way I should now.
I think you'll be echoing the same statements too - "I find it hard to love her." I don't blame you. I don't even love myself, how do I expect anybody to do that?
Leave me.

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