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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank you;

For being there to dry my tears
For being there for me when I had no one else, when everybody else have given up on me.
For being there to hush me.
For helping me to fight my inner demons.
For being there to help me fight this battle.
For (trying to) cheer(ing) me up.
For telling me that everything's okay, as long as you're here with me.

Last but not least, thank you for not giving up on me despite all my multiple breakdowns in all these months.

"If a boy can't a handle a girl at her worst, he surely can't deserve her at her best."
You managed to handle me at my worst, slowly bringing me back to the top.

I love you, A;
The best boyfriend ever.

And thank you to V, my best friend, if you still consider me as one.

I know you've been facing a lot of problems in school, family and life, and yet you're constantly the stronger one, the better friend. Able to take them all even when you're succumbing to your own problems and even when you're under such circumstances. You're constantly on the lookout for me, to check on my welfare.

I am sorry for being the weaker and useless friend.

Your probably thought that our friendship has become weaker and that we drifted, but thats inevitable, especially since we are in different schools now. I hope that you know, sometimes I hide my problems from you, it's not because I no longer regard you as a best friend but it's because I don't want to become another burden. That's why I would rather tell A about them instead. You're facing your own battle, I shouldn't add another war to that, right? I feel useless for not being entirely there for you through your ordeals/problems. I hope that you know I care, no matter how much it doesn't seems so.

I am really, really sorry.

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