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Monday, January 2, 2012

Photos from everywhere

01. Me escaping the camp woes by feigning illness (HAHAH) and retreated back to my own bunk/dorm to camwhore at my own comfort ^___^v

02. Xmas with da boy (:

03-05. MBS with the family! Room service and a really adorable movie (Despicable Me, though I already watched it before haha) to top it off. Will probably blog more about that another time (: Our family ended up in chuckles & giggles that night. Even my mom slept late/sorta "ton" with us when she's known to be the earliest sleeper in our family haha. So cute.

Just a random update since all my photos are piling up but I am too busy with EV to blog regularly... sigh. I wanted to do a "2011 in a nutshell" post but evidently, a day doesn't have 48 hours so that is pretty much impossible right now asdfghjkl; SCHOOL IS STARTING TODAY/TOMORROW. HOLIDAYS Y U NO EXTEND YOURSELF?!



With the very very very very very pretty model, Eunice. (God knows how inferior I felt during the photo-shoot and editing the photos for the launch HAHAH)

Go over now!

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