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Monday, January 30, 2012

Out of sight, out of mind.

This is a hellhole.

People misunderstanding my words, misconstructing my intentions, misinterpreting my actions. Sometimes, my intentions were good but they come across as being expressed incorrectly, it turned out to be some devilish attempt of mine to screw things over.

But it's okay.
I'll hang on.
Do what I think is right. I've a brain, and I've a conscience. I'll just continue doing what I think is right, regardless of what the judgements people place on me.

I've committed mistakes and if people don't want to accept me for the changed person (still not the best I can be, but I'm trying) I'm now, there's nothing I can do to change their minds. At least I know, to myself, that I'm trying, and that's good enough.

When I try to change, people don't see it. That's okay, because I don't expect them to. I know myself that I am indeed changing for the better. Baby steps, but yes, I'm trying.

It's only human nature for them/others to feel this way. I put themselves in their shoes and goddamit bitch I'll give myself two fucking tight slaps.

2012 has been really bad to me already.


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