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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Late night muses;

All the what ifs.
All the regrets.
All the infinite possibilities.

Sometimes, I really wanna escape into another world. Another dimension perhaps. Or to get a time machine. To un-do things so that one incident wouldn't snowball into many other issues that are killing me bits by bits inside.

The most ideal place to be, would be a place where I can't see nor hear the ugliness (by that, I don't mean it physically nor appearance-wise) in this world.

Or better still, I wished that I'd have never been born. This constant feeling of suppression and suffocation is really turning me into a living zombie. You know, I am kind of wishing that the Mayans' prophecy for this year would become a reality.

All I remembered yesterday was all the visuals that could have translated into reality. If it had, I probably wouldn't even be typing this post right now.

People say there's always a solution to all the problems in this world. Now now now... There's two kinds. The one to end it for eternity or the one to end it for good. The type of solution chosen would have to depend on the complexity of the issue(s) and the individuals involved.

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