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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hit the lights.

1. Galaxy Deer Sweater from zee supplier. So pretty irl *v*
I am contemplating to put it on EV for sale but it'll be soooo expensive lmao I swear. Probably $69.90. ABSOLUTELY PREMIUM QUALITY I CAN LIVE IN IT FOR DAYS/WEEKS OK. :B

2&3. Zee galaxy-painted high waist shorts. Realllllly pretty too heh heh. I wore one pair out for a short while and received tons of compliments. :3 The shorts are handmade/handpainted by me and zee boy!

Probably will be up on EV, stay tuned!

4. Waffles @ Salted Caramel with A. Heh heh my waffles looks so colourful.

Postponing EV's next launch. Meh. :/

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