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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 in a nutshell.

Let me bore you with a trip down memory lane and allow me to relinquish all my favourite moments

January 2011:
- Got back O Levels results. 11 points, yay! Way better than I expected. I was expecting 15 points at best.
- Applied for Diploma in Media and Communication at SP. Well, Ngee Ann's Mass Comm was my first choice but I knew that I wasn't going to get in. I was just basing everything on luck.
- Working working working like a busy bee. Curse you, M&S.
- Started getting into fashion. I was already interested in fashion before but this is the time when I started getting serious.
- Had a really irritating eye sty/chalazion that bugged the hell out of me.

... And OH! My English was REALLLLLY good back then? Omg I think my command of the language sucks in comparison now. Let me extract one quote from my Jan'11 archives:
"In a enigmatic way, I'm afraid of overwhelming amounts of happiness and goodness in my life. When life gets too good, you'd desperately want things to remain like the way they're because you've already tasted the best. When you fall from grace, you fall hard. In the famous words of... a certain great somebody who spewed out these words... "Change is the only Constant"."

- Cheemgurl94.

February 2011:
- My virgin trip to USS with Emma, Des and Boss! HAHAHAH.
- Made the decision to start up EVIL VALENTINE together with Linglin. Started it on Livejournal, but as you can tell, it progressed to SHOPEVILVALENTINE.COM now.
- My first time setting a flea booth as well! It was FLB5 if my memory didn't fail me. Dayum sales were so good!

March 2011:
- After getting the stocks for EV during Feb, we started on the photoshoot and doing up the website. Basically, the works to prep it for the official launch! Yes, I modelled, don't laugh :'( I KNOW I LOOK FUCKING UGLY OK :(


- Busy with work work work
- This was a rather boring month, I'd say. Or rather, I didn't blog that much.

April 2011:
- Started entertaining thoughts of ending EV because sales was still horrible after 1 month into operations, plus school started but I ceased those thoughts because I couldn't bear to :(

May 2011:
- School
- EV
- School
- EV
(Yes my life was fucking exciting in May hahaha)

(inserts picture here cause i think it's one of the classic photos that I think I look nice in!)

June 2011:
- Another flea (FLB6), and EV's sales were finally getting decent/close to breaking even! Yay!
- Officially knew A from Wakeboard camp, I think? Omg we were so fucking awkward then haha.
- The boring and mundane cycle repeats. I'll just pick out the nice pictures to post here hehe.

July 2011:
- HuiHsian's 17th birthday over @ WCP! A day well-spent with my secondary school kakis <3
- Started dating A after he confessed to me that he liked me. Hehehehe. :* <3
- Bought my first pair of DMs!

August 2011:
- Way too busy with school to give a fuck about everything else.


September 2011:

- Dipdyed/Bleached my hair ends haha.
- Went for A's gig for the first time. It was 4th September, hmm.
It was also the same day I got hurt really badly by another group of people... but also the first time I said "I love you." to him because he offered me so much help.
- My 17th birthday. It was magical and absolutely fairytale-like thanks to A. <3
24th September was also the same day whereby we finally decided to get into a serious relationship.
- ... And FLB7! It was on the same day as my birthday.

It was overall, one of my most well-loved yet hated month of the year, lol.

October 2011:

- Vicious cycle repeats itself again. Started NOT GIVING A FUCK ABOUT SCHOOL ANYMORE. I had 0% of interest left in the modules of the Semester. Loads of friendship troubles. Coupled together with the complete disinterest I've for schoolwork/module/assignments, I started skipping school way too frequently.

Even if I was present, I was fucking late.

- Wanted to dress up as a kitty for Halloween but I failed because... I was sick on that day itself.

December 2011:
- Sixth month mark on the 2nd with B :3 Had a good celebration that day!
- Xmas, made him the cutest gift ever. :3 <3 He wrote me another song tooooooo and it was an incredibly cute one heh.
- NYE (More on that in another blog post hehe)

After reviewing these photos and my archives from 2011...

All I can say is... WOW TIME FUCKING FLIES.
People are really not kidding when they said a year passes with the blink of an eye. 2011 was filled with a lot of happy yet angsty moments. It was... hmm, how do I say this, a bittersweet one?

I've high hopes for 2012.

Don't let me down, 2012. :b

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