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Friday, December 2, 2011


My momma once said, "You can never stay in a relationship beyond 3 months. Either you'll get bored first or the guy will just give up on you because he'd be too frustrated with keeping up with your tamtrums".

But... I think it's time for my momma to take back her own words haha.

Happy sixth month, love. I think we both didn't see that we'd last this long, but guess what? We did heh.

We spent the entire day with an Alvin & The Chipmunks marathon (HAHAHHA) and me spazzing like helllll over Theodore. THEODORE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER ASDFGHJKL; and you getting jealous because my favourite wasn't "Alvin" The Chipmunk haha.

Here's to 6 more years, 6 more decades, and probably 6 more lifetimes (HAHAH).

Thank you so much for everything in the past 6 months hehe. You've been there for me through the lowest points of my life and when I felt everybody was against me. Other people would have just walked away, or abandoned me but you never did. You stayed. You made me get up on my own feet. <3

Last but not leasttttt... The Fisheye 2, and the rainbow pancakes. I love you. :3

P/S: Of course I didn't make the cupcakes myself. I am not so talented :> If I've baked the cupcakes myself, they'd probably have been... ugh and ew and disgusting on so many levels!

I had them customized though! BUT I THOUGHT OF THE DESIGNS/CUPCAKE TOPPERS MYSELF. DO I DESERVE SOME CREDIT FOR THAT? ^^ The rainbow pancakes were made by the talented boiphrennnnnn HAHAH.

I am such a sad case. I can't cook/bake for nuts. D: Only da boiboi can cook/bake. Haha what weird dynamics. But that's just what we are. :>

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