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Monday, December 5, 2011



IT FULFILLS MY SUPERFICIAL TENDENCIES OF CAMWHORING WITH LOMO EFFECTSSSS. I want a iPhone Pour Ass nao (Thank you Becca, for typing it as iPhone Pour Ass. Now I can no longer resist calling iPhone 4S as iPhone Pour Ass LOL) solely because of Instagram and the cameraaaa.

But for now, I can only use A's iPhone 4S because I am stuck with a BB till December 2012. :(
What if the world ends and I still haven't got a iPhone yet? D: /shudders

Sorry Blackberry, as much as I love you and the QWERTY keyboard... you're really getting a little obsolete. :( But it's okay, I still love you, just that I am an unfaithful owner and I've found a new crush lmao.

P/S: I have no idea why I am still blogging when I really should be replying EV's mails + work on my projects. STRESSBALLZ!

Oh and You're the Durian of my eye tomorrow with A. Yes. Durian. Hehe. /inside joke.

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