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Friday, November 18, 2011


"Sarcasm makes the heart grows fonder." - Tumblr quote that I should probably tell A about next time.

Subsequent shots are just random visuals that have been lying around since forever.

Dreamcatcher, Freak Out Badge, make-up stash (yeah I've really limited make-up products), galaxy nails, Photobooth, and last but not least, my used-to-be-chio-but-recently-reduced-to-being-just-bleached-blonde-and-really-damaged dipdye.

I should be changing to pink dipdye soon or just chop off my hair till it's boob-length. If I go ahead for the pink dipdye, I'm pretty sure my hair is gonna hate me for it. My pocket/wallet will yell the same sentiments too. Yeap.

This whole blog post just didn't make sense at all, but okay.

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