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Friday, November 11, 2011

Meow meow.

Very very very outdated pictures. Just saying.

I wanted to come up with a post full of verbal vomit (inclusive of my never-ending whines) but I decided to spare you guys the agony. I'll keep the rants bottled inside my heart for now.

I cut bangs (out of sheer impulse and nothing else) and wanted to dress up as a kitty for Halloween but I fell sick on that day itself. And I am falling sick soon again. #mybodylovesme

I am growing it back to side-fringe btw. Bangs doesn't suit me as much as I thought it will be. Oh well.

Random Photobooth photos. Because I can.

Lastly, SHOPEVILVALENTINE.COM's sales has been on a roller-coaster, I swear. Sales can be so bad (as bad as 0 orders) one day and then rocket-high (as good as 10-20 paid orders) the very next day. Sales has been rather optimistic, with me clearing out 75% of the stocks, and also some extra earnings off backorders!

Parents still continue to hold doubts about the business but oh well, the sales figures state otherwise. I'll definitely try to improve on higher efficiency on the site. Promise. Sorry to the customers of SEV who have received less-than-satisfactory customer service from me! :(

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