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Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do all good things come to an end?

What if something you used to love turns out to be a dread?

What if something you used to be driven for is the one lagging you and pulling you down?

My exact thoughts right now.

I am having hesitations on putting Evil Valentine on infinite hiatus or closing it down (closing it down will be the last option and I wouldn't resort to that unless it is absolutely necessary). This came as a pretty sudden notice huh? EV was just beginning to get on tracks and have a steady customer base but yet it is just the time that I decided to lay off it.

Some may say "What a pity" - and well, I feel the same way too. Evil Valentine is afterall, the baby that I've built up from scratch. The reason why I was planning to shut it down or to put it on infinite hiatus is not because it's losing money. On the contrary, I am actually earning quite a fair bit from it right now. Few hundreds from this collection perhaps, inclusive of the backorders.

It's just one simple reason that would sum up everything.

It has turned into a dread.
From something I used to love doing.

As the business expanded/grew bigger, the responsibilities that comes with it becomes bigger too. The problems also proportionately grows bigger. Problems with supplier(s), things going OOS so easily, me being unable to process mailing as quickly as other established blogshops, lack of time to commit to e-mailing to customers for updates on the status of their products.

I have received not 1 but probably 2 or 3 e-mails on how much I SUCK at customer service. No surprise right there. It's getting me pretty darn disheartened but sad to say, I am not going to deny that - I indeed do suck at it. I try to deliver whenever I can, but recently, life just swallowed me as a whole. Juggling between work (and my boss is pretty darn demanding to say the least), social life (before the holidays, + school) and family just doesn't allow much time left for me to really concentrate on delivering A-grade customer service towards customers.

Not only that, I know I am also slow at delivery/mailing out the items. My working hours are eccentric and it ends so late - it's virtually impossible to get to the post office on time to mail out stuff on a daily basis. I used to mail just once a week (which is awfully slow; i know) before but THANKFULLY, Mama Sim have been helping out with the mailing recently and hence there is a marked improvement in delivery speed for this collection ^^;

For backorders and preorders, I understand that I haven't been e-mailing customers on the status of their products. If there's any buyers who are reading my blog - I think there is a need to address some issues here. I've hit with loads of hiccups with the supplier because they keep going OOS so easily. And also other details which I shall not elaborate unless you ask me personally and I'll give you a detailed explanation/breakdown of everything.

In the past, it was a joy to work on launching each collection on EV. But now it just ain't so.

Realllllly, replying to customers, and them getting pissed off at me because of the lack of the 'customer service' I provide, verifying payments, mail out stuff and to inform buyers again are beginning to become routinal and frankly, it's a boring and dreadful routine.

I have about 70-80 more stocks that will probably last two more collections.

I guess I'll use the next two collections to ponder and reconsider my decision but until then, ciao.

Cest la vie.

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