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Saturday, October 8, 2011

FLBSeven + Seventeenth.

So... unlike many other birthday girls who spend their birthday walking around town with big-ass poofy balloons and showered with birthday cards+wishes, I spent it at a flea! ... (cue dramatic tears). All my other friends were either busy working or having JC promos and some others just plainly forgotten about my birthday (yay?).

If you ain't got chicks for company, migh' as well get yoself some dough yo

S0... off to FLB7 I went.

(A 2-weeks-old outdated post haha. I am such a procrastinator, I can't even)

Unfortunately, the morning of 24th September was spent with me and my mom queueing under the sweltering hot sun with HEAVY-AS-HELL luggages while waiting for our turn to get the flea boooooooth.

When I stepped into the venue, my first thought was 'OH NO SALES GON' BE BAD' - simply because there wasn't even much/any walking space at all for THE VENDORS. Do note that I'm just talking about the vendors here. I was then mentally thinking... good lord, when crowd surges in... man, the human-sardines-can traffic is bound to repeat itself again. And hence, crankier I became.

Well well well, the clairvoyant me had my predictions all correct: Sales were bad (everybody else's sales were bad actually and it wasn't just me); barely sold 8 items, compared to my previous records of being able to sell at least 10-20 items at most fleas. The human-sardines-can traffic happened and aggravated everybody's mood. Everybody got pissed off and hence, the collective crankiness in all of the shoppers and vendors.

Simple equations we have here:

No space = Pissed-off-and-unwill

Besides that, a mini rant here - some vendors are just so uncooperative. The rules blatantly stated that only ONE rack space is allowed and this... other blogshop owner (refraining from mentioning names haha) was displaying 2 racks admist the already-cramped-as-hell venue. I asked her nicely to either push it in and she replied with a eyeroll "Can't you tell I am trying?" Hmm, kay, no I can't. GOOD LORD.


I packed up earlier since the situation was wack. The total earnings from the day amounted up to $1xx? Not a lot compared to the $3xx in previous fleas each time. Apparently, my sales were considered as "good" because I heard some people couldn't even cover their rental costs. I feel for them. :(

After packing up, I went to meet...

againnnnn hehe. Poor boy was stranded there waiting for me to arrive/pack up from my flea. :(

Was pleasantly surprised with a mixtape, a card, yumyumzzz homecooked Mac & Cheese (albeit soggy and cold - much thanks to the long waiting time) and le gasp, the nebula maxi that I wanted :3333333

Oh and heh, that silly boy miscounted and formed a heart-shaped decor with 18 candles instead of the 17 candles he was hoping to achieve. :3 But I still loved it muchie muchieeeee. ♡♡♡

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