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Sunday, September 18, 2011

To you, you and you:

To you:

I didn't know I was this misunderstood. All those laughs, giggles and jokes we shared - you're making me wonder if it's all a facade... and whether if you (all) secretly despised me more than anything inside.

I didn't know all (if not, most) of you had such misgivings about me. Some claims... I can't even. Such ridiculous claims. Do you know what hurts the most? That the ones closest to you are often the ones who hurts you most too. What hurts even moreeeee?

And in this situation, it is especially applicable.

I don't know how to face all of you again.

To you:

I am sorry.

But everything else isn't the same again.

To you:

I just wanna say, thank you so much for being there for me - you may not know it, but I appreciated it. Really. <3


There have been loads of drama happening in my life/in these short 3 weeks.

Issues with/in family members, friends, shop, job, and everything.
It's less than a week to my birthday but guess what - I don't feel any excitement at all. I am not even counting down or anything. And that's a feat.

Actually, I did a 8-minute (or so) vlog to outline all the happenings inside my life but I'm too embarrassed of all my mispronunciations/slurring of words and all my awkward facial expressions/angles... and so, I am not gonna put it up for viewing :b

I'll try to update this space/blog more consistently ):

And pshhhh, I've been spending like a bitch that went out of control. $310SGD worth of F21 goods online and $100+ at the newly-opened H&M in Singapore. Other than that, I'm already looking to purchase for C10 on EV. Yeah crazybitch94 right here! I'll be launching C8 + a reconstructed Evil Valentine (YAY FOR SHOPPING CART SYSTEM! - This is the reason why I took almost 1.5/2 months to launch a new collection) beri beriiiii soon, especially since I just quit my job (more on that soon) and the earnings from EV would be the amount of disposable income that I have.

I'm hankering after JC's Pink Cosmic 99s + a pair of Xmas on eBay. They're cheap by JC standards, but not so much... for my pockets.


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