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Sunday, September 25, 2011


This whole week have been full of... the word, 'expectations'.

1) Got back my GPA. For the curious little ones, my GPA is approximately 3.5. Haha. Okay well, 3.47 to be exact but I rounded it off to 3.5 to make myself feel better. Thankfully, there was no Cs. But for the modules such as IMW and MCA, it was pretty disappointing to see B+ and B for it respectively; especially so for MCA because it has the biggest credit unit and that kinda screwed things up for me! ):

And then my dad started to rattle on about how I should score better (e.g. SCORING STRAIGHT As WITH DISTINCTIONS, GPA OF 3.8-4.0) so that I could secure a place in University. What the hell Dad, what happened to that statement of 'I'd be happy if you can even graduate form Poly?'

2) I got fired/quit my job last week. But with a twist of 'luck', I managed to got it back and I'm back to the same old routinal cycle again asdfghjkl; :(

3) My birthday + FLB7. It was nothing elaborate, nothing splendour, but because it had the right company, everything else worked out. :)

4) LOOK AT HOW CHIO SHOPEVILVALENTINE.COM IS NOW. OFFICIALLY SHEDDING TEARS OF JOY GLITTER AND UNICORN. It was like my fruit of labour after being jobless and having nothing to do for days haha. A complete reconstruction on EV to welcome the new collection... but sadly, sales have been rather disappointing/declining. :( Oh wellzzz. :( I guess that's because I haven't launched in nearly 2 months. I promise to keep regular collections in from now onwards! I have used the flea to pimp EV out a fair bit too :)


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