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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The prelude.

So I am officially 17 years and a few days old (too lazy to count haha) now haha.

Last friday nighttttt, my dad decided to bring the entire fam to Antoinette (under my recommendation, ofc) haha. Mainly because it was my mother's and my own birthday during the weekends and he wanted to celebrate our birthdays together as a family. :>


Nougautine crepes! This is damn good! You can't really tell but crunchy walnuts are actually hidden inside the large scoop of caramel ice-cream! Inside the thin & crispy crepes, a thin spread of Nutella is applied over it, along with a layer of caramel sauce drizzle + sugar frosting dusted over it. However, since it's a pretty large portion + it's really very sweet (I have a sweet tooth so I can tahan AHHAHA), it did get quite jerlat after a whileeeee. Share this with somebody else if you're planning to eat this at Antoinette hehe!

Meet Mama Sim! (I know I don't look like my mom and vice-versa heh). She just turned 52 on Sunday while yours truly turned 17 on Saturday and I must say she looks pretty young for her age heeheehee. :D

Papa Sim is camera-shy so I didn't manage to take any pictures of him haha.

The bill totalled up to be over 200 buckaroos but it's paid by Papa Sim so it's all good. :D Besides the Nougautine crepe pictured above, I also had an all-day breakfast set, but I didn't managed to take a picture of it because I devoured everything down the moment it arrived. I was like a starving child on that night lmao. I can't really remember the name of it but I do vividly remember that it is the first item in the menu haha. It had sausage+ scrambled eggs + some veges + toast BUT THE BEST PART OF IT WAS THE 3 MINI PASTRIES THAT CAME WITH THE SET. FUCKING SHIOK OMG HAHAH.

Everything in the menu is titled with super atas-sounding names that are ever-so-forgettable, so my bad for forgetting about the name!

I'll definitely go back there if I got the ~mood~ + ~money~ for some ~fine dining~ another day.

After the dinnerrrrr, I met up with ....

Haha we spammed pictures since all the shops nearby were closing + it was one of the rare days that I actually brought my DSLR out. Most of the photographs came out with me looking damn cui and shouldn't be showcased to the world, so yeappppp.

And then it was home sweet home for me. I was just nua-ing around till 12 midnight (my birthday LOL) until the doorbell rang. In all honesty, I thought that it was the McDelivery guy and I was silently cursing under my breathe that my brother ordered McDees without me as I was still hungry. Yes, even after the fulfilling dinner at Antoinette (I secretly suspect I was a hungry ghost incarnated into Shermin Sim).

My mom then went to open the door and she and the supposed "McDelivery Guy" started conversing with each other and even went on to whispering/murmurring (which I found damn weird lah hahaha) so I went to see the door AND THEN I WAS SURPRISED BY LINGLINNNNNNNN AND GLENDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHO SHOUTED 'HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY SHERMIN' <3 TILL MY EARDRUMS CRACKED HAHAH.


They were holding a brownie cake in their hands and I WAS HONESTLY DAMN SURPRISED LEH HAHAHAHAH WTF. Almost wanted to cry because of what they did haha but I controlled. :') Was telling myself to maintain.

(I know my position is damn awkward + I look damn cui BUT LOOK AT THE WORDINGS ON THE CAKE :> "Happy 17th, Shermin cutiepiex") Why my two flens so cutesy why? Oh right cause they have me da cutiepiex as their friend HAHAHAH (sorry for the BHB moment!)

Shortly afterwards, when I went to check my inbox after my two cutiepies left my humble adobe, I was surprised by an e-mail + a song for me. :')

Then I really started to tear up in front of the Macbook because of the contents haha. (To which Mama Sim started to probe and judge me for) Why am I such a crybaby whyyyyyyyy?


I love all of my friends who have made my seventeeth birthday such a memorable one, be it surprising me or just a simple birthday wish. :') All my previous birthday celebrations have been extremely shitty, with academics cockblocking the way. Especially my "sweet sixteenth" - EVERYBODY I KNEW WAS CHIONGING FOR Os THEN LOL.

I know all of the above might not seem like a celebration that is extraordinary or anything grand/splendorous, but I am truly content and happy with what my loved ones did for me. It was one of the best birthday celebrations (and that's only part 1 - there's another part which made me appreciate the full 24 hours of my birthday even more :3) that I ever had. This sounds extremely cliche, but I really want to thank every single one of you who made it happen. From the bottom of my heart. <3

Especially you. <3

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