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Monday, August 8, 2011


So, I got bored of mugging the other day. And I was too darn bored. Then I started to think of more whimsical (yet inexecutable D:) ideas for Evil Valentine. Subsequently, the practical and cost-effective ideas finally came flowing in... and tadah... the product of my braindchild;


I tried to do it in an editorial style, coupled with styling shots and some behind the scenes shots. I figured some of them looked good and shouldn't go to waste just because they're not practical enough for product shots haha.

So yeapppppp. Enjoy! ;) The same thing can be found on Evil Valentine's mainpage with a link directing to the Lookbook (where you can see everything in full view/a clearer manner), so... see you birdies on the other side!

P/S: I like you. Acceptance is the first step to... a new beginning? Haha.

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