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Monday, August 29, 2011


They cost $60USD, which I don't really mind paying but as quoted from my mom and some other friends, "it looks as if a unicorn vomitted/shitted rainbows on me and it's way too short". Which is kinda true. My butt-cheeks will explode out of it; especially since I am becoming increasingly chubs (curse you good food) these days but OMG IT'S JUST SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE.

Maybe I should use my usual shopping motto.

"Buy first, regret later"
(Or I can always sell it away ahaha)

EDIT (30TH AUGUST 2011): OKAY I BOUGHT IT HAHAHAH. Can't wait for it to arrive in da mailllll.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knight Rider.

Why is this so cute and why do I not have money.


Brb finding a job.

Like, really. Especially since I've about 7 weeks of holidays waiting for me now. Come to mamaaaaaa baby.

Monday, August 8, 2011


So, I got bored of mugging the other day. And I was too darn bored. Then I started to think of more whimsical (yet inexecutable D:) ideas for Evil Valentine. Subsequently, the practical and cost-effective ideas finally came flowing in... and tadah... the product of my braindchild;


I tried to do it in an editorial style, coupled with styling shots and some behind the scenes shots. I figured some of them looked good and shouldn't go to waste just because they're not practical enough for product shots haha.

So yeapppppp. Enjoy! ;) The same thing can be found on Evil Valentine's mainpage with a link directing to the Lookbook (where you can see everything in full view/a clearer manner), so... see you birdies on the other side!

P/S: I like you. Acceptance is the first step to... a new beginning? Haha.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweets for my sweets

This is a series of unrelated photologs ahaha.

Thank you natural light, and good angles. For portraying me better than usual. (This is especially ironic since the unphotogenic me looks extremely unfortunate in most photos)

And say hi to Bearbear-xDSLRPRO101 (HAHHA SORRY BECKS I KID) the cracked-mirror photographer. Also your dear model in Evil Valentine's C07 ahem-ahem.

My Huihui just turned 17 on 18th July 2011 and she's a old bitch now but I still love her so so so so so so much. The one who was always there for me, always there to hear me rant about the tiniest AND biggest issues, to provide me with practical advice, the qt3.142 who is always so adorable with her antics.

I hope she liked the 'Hot Air Balloon' surprise + the gifts we prepared for her even though it was a mega fail on my part HAHAHAH.

Happy 17th bb. <3

These photos exist to show that I got rid of my fear of heights ~nong nong ago~ since I conquered the pyramid at West Coast Park and sat down there... taking photos #likeaboss and being a pedophile HAHAH.

And I realized I have a very deprived childhood from the way I behaved like a wild bitch with a loose leash. /)_(\ MEH.

Ice-cream man @ Haji Lane after shoot with Tenten! (Also inclusive of a candid shot of me nomming happily on my food).

Mine's the chocolate-flavoured one topped with delicious mantous, while Tenten's filled with Red Wine Sorbet)

Currently my favourite pair of shoes since they're so comfy to walk in... and it just feels and looks so good. So glad I snatched up the last pair in my size hehehehe.


I'm swamped with projects and school nowadays so my blogging frequency have significantly decreased. While the amount of saikang (a.k.a shit work) I've to finish is increasing by the day, and so is my weight. More saikang to do = more need to eat = more weight. :<

Since we're that fucking busy, I just set up iCal on my MBP so that I'll have a timetable to keep track and adhere to for studying/academic purposes before I officially burn myself out!

Can't wait for the Semester break... and eventually, muaix birthday. The only reason why I'm looking forward to it because I need a change from the previous fucked-up birthdays I've been through. Let's just say it was nothing worth elaborating about. Or, more like, there was nothing to be elaborated about. That's the saddest part I guess. Le sigh.

Oh, and I realllllllly wanted to go Wanderlust Typewriter Loft about Tammy blogged about the boutique hotel. Money isn't the concern here. Parental's concerns are the concerns. Meh. Can't even stayover :<

Let's hope this year would be better? That I'll actually be able to celebrate my birthday in a superlative manner?