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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some snapshots.
(and well, a Photoshop edit of EV's recent shoot for C7 to throw into the lot)

Btw, stay tuned for Collection 7 at EvilValentine soon! xx
Am also thinking of upgrading to a shopping cart system (which costs $29USD/month to maintain, le gasp) for EV, but we'll see :>

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Okay, this blog is so neglected. :(

Whoever said that Poly was slack... needs to get shot. Because in the first year itself, I am already struggling like mad to keep up with deadlines. Just gotten my first 'A' (strangely, it was in POM - my most hated subject lmao) after many other Bs. Like good lord, things are certainly not looking optimistic if I still want to get into a Local U. First year and I am scoring subpar grades. Meh.

My attendance and latecoming issues... man, I hope I don't get the infamous warning letter anytime soon. I've been skipping classes and whim and will - mostly due to my nocturnal sleeping habits. I sleep in the morning and well... waking up again in the morning is definitely a chore.

People are starting to get those warning letters one by one... so yikes. It'll definitely reflect badly if I do receive it. The day I get it in the mailbox, is the day I'll runaway from home. Since there'll be a high chance that my parents will take a parang and slaughter me because of that. They held high expectations of me after I entered poly, expecting me not to squander my life away anymore. (I told them secondary school was a waste of my life because that wasn't where my interests lied in). So yeah.

This is poor 'lil me struggling to finish a 500-words news analysis.

And trying to study for a Media Writing Test.

And a half-assed attempt at blogging.

Life sucks.

I want to have a photo-shoot/outing trip soon since the DSLR is just sitting deadly in the dry box, but obviously... things are not going smoothly in the academics front. Even EV has to take a backseat. The customer service I've provided definitely sucks compared to before (and I know it too D:) due to the hectic schedule that I live by. School, projects, projects, eat, sleep, social life, school, projects projects, eat, sleep, social life. Well, that's it.

I heard there'll be a POM written exam soon and let's just say, I am fucking screwed. The module that I've skipped the most is... well, POM.

I should become a honorary member of Pronto.