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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is sooooo overdued but here's the pictures from FLB6 together with Glenda, Linglin and Joanna! It was... da bomb, except for the human-sardines-esque traffic over there, but well, that's FLB for you. I remembered that when I first got to FLB4, it was so packeddddd I couldn't even shopped in peace.

Bad for the shoppers, but good for the stall-owners (us) since there's high amount of traffic! :>

Btwwww, the Great Singapore Sale is now up on Evil Valentine! Well, it's a chance for us to clear out the remaining stocks so that we can launch C6 with a bangggggg! C6 will literally be BOOMZ. (Sorry for reviving this forsaken word haha). There was supposed to be almost 50 items/designs but I forgotten to bring some + the shoot wasn't long enough so I only shot close to 30-40 items!

If y'all want an orgasmic C7 (filled with cosmic-printed items, flag-prints and etc), then show EV your support now by shopping at our GSS post! I'm dedicating all the $ from the sales post towards the new collection wh00pwh00p! Yes, I already have the next collection planned in mind! Now it's time for some $$ to roll in before I get started on purchasinggggg. So psyched! 8D

School/study break now hehehe and I am glad I got a B for my Media Writing Test. Was so expecting to fail it! :O Thou shalt work on getting more As... hopefully. :( I hope my POM/MCA/DB will all at least have an A. Or another B and two more As at the very least. D:

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