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Friday, June 17, 2011

If somebody could get me this pair of DM T-Bar Mary Janes, I'll love her/him/them for life and dedicate my firstborn to her/him/them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Our gayness is unrivalled 8D
That said, excuse my unsightly gums. :(

Monday, June 13, 2011

I look like I have huge arms in the second picture but das okayyyy, thou shalt continue to embrace that fact.

So anyway, I finally wore the Jeremy Scott x Swatch (Black Opulence) watch out today after buying it for a month +. It was lying deadly inside my drawer since I bought it. It was an impulse buy (I bought it within 5 mins in the Swatch store, I #winatlife) really, and I almost forgotten about the fact I bought it (#winatlifeno.2) until my mom reminded me, lol.

Also, I think I am the only one who liked this design the most out of the other two designs (Wing & Lightning Bolt). Most of my other friends loved the Wings design... so I guess I am the black sheep. (get my awkward pun? :p) I just rikeee the ornate gold frame around the watch for some reason. So Victorian-esque and timeless, yet bold :3 Okay, I digress.


I'm a sadgurl94 right now because my red ends/dip-dye are fading like crazy with each wash. I went to dye my hair ends to a shade of chilli red about a week+ ago, but well... it turned out to be maroon instead. I can only blame my hair for not being able to absorb the chemicals well. The bad genes I inherited from Dad, hmm~ I wanted to bleach it but since my hair was already fairly damaged as it is, so I didn't want to risk it... and just settled with the normal dyeing process. Upon retrospection, I kinda regret it now. :<

I went to dye it two times (thankfully, the hairdresser didn't charge me for the second time/touch-up) but the shade still came out fairly dark and not-so-dipdye ish. So I had no choice but to accept my fate and well... #dealwithit. Oh well... now it's getting worse since it's fading to a darker shade (not as if it was a bright shade to begin with) each time I wash my hair ahhhh. :( And be warned about dyeing your hair (though whatever I am gonna say next will be common sense, but yeap), my hair is becoming as dry as hay right now 'cause of all the chemicals that are being induced into the poor strands... Sigh. I even had difficulty trying to tie a decent braid earlier on. D:

Oh and yes...

Self-esteem plunging like hell once again after creepin' on some people's FB profiles (I should seriously kick this habit but I can't D:), but I figured it wouldn't improve things even after I blogged it out (if blogging can make me prettier, trust me, I'll be blogging 24/7). And my brother just told me that his friends think he's the better-looking sibling compared to me.

Self-esteem is really going woooooosh down the drain because I never considered my brother to be good-looking so that was actually an insult okay :(

... I should really get back to studying.

I have 3 fucking projects to deal with and another written test to study for. My 3-weeks-break is well... not a break afterall. Except for the first week whereby I was happily having my "My Date With a Vampire" marathon and ignoring all other worldly affairs. Does anybody still remember that show? Oh my god, it was my favourite show when I was a child. Or at least the times when vampires wasn't popularized/made overrated by the sparkly Twilight franchise yet. Oldies are goodies man. The effects and dialouges are vaguely cliche now but the plot of that drama was soooooo good. I've been indulging myself in old(er) songs recently too. Perhaps it's the little nostalgic soul within me that's acting up.

On a completely irrelevant and random note, I think I just designed the namecard for EV! I hope I can introduce it at the next flea. Oh and yes, if you haven't realized, EV is having GSS right now for us to clear stocks and to make way for new ones... so yeapppp!

I also gotta get my act up to get EV as functional as possible. It's just... tiring to run a blogshop, I swear. It's like a fucking balancing act. On one side, I'd like to maintain my grades (or hopefully, to improve them) for as long as possible, and also to manage this blogshop... and also having a social life if life allows it. It's like a fucking vicious act of pick-one-or-you-die scenario.

I've been slacking so much in terms of promoting it too lately, sigh. It's quite tragic to see EV end up in a downwards spiraling mess. I don't even know whether I've enough strength to carry it out.

OH YES ONE LAST THING... If anybody else still wish to salvage my poor pockets/bank accounts, I've finalllllly updated SHOPOHGALAXY.BLOGSPOT.COM with tons of gorgeous preloveds. Been keeping some of those babies for so darn long... guess it's time for some of them to go and also to welcome new ones in...

Oh and yes, I know this entry is pretty disjointed. Pretty much the end-result and product of my frustrations, jumbled thoughts and an equally disoriented body/brain...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is sooooo overdued but here's the pictures from FLB6 together with Glenda, Linglin and Joanna! It was... da bomb, except for the human-sardines-esque traffic over there, but well, that's FLB for you. I remembered that when I first got to FLB4, it was so packeddddd I couldn't even shopped in peace.

Bad for the shoppers, but good for the stall-owners (us) since there's high amount of traffic! :>

Btwwww, the Great Singapore Sale is now up on Evil Valentine! Well, it's a chance for us to clear out the remaining stocks so that we can launch C6 with a bangggggg! C6 will literally be BOOMZ. (Sorry for reviving this forsaken word haha). There was supposed to be almost 50 items/designs but I forgotten to bring some + the shoot wasn't long enough so I only shot close to 30-40 items!

If y'all want an orgasmic C7 (filled with cosmic-printed items, flag-prints and etc), then show EV your support now by shopping at our GSS post! I'm dedicating all the $ from the sales post towards the new collection wh00pwh00p! Yes, I already have the next collection planned in mind! Now it's time for some $$ to roll in before I get started on purchasinggggg. So psyched! 8D

School/study break now hehehe and I am glad I got a B for my Media Writing Test. Was so expecting to fail it! :O Thou shalt work on getting more As... hopefully. :( I hope my POM/MCA/DB will all at least have an A. Or another B and two more As at the very least. D: