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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Anywayyyy school started almost a month ago (unofficially) and I think I'm sortaaaa adapted to the new environment and lifestyle. Life's been great with my new pals in SP. (Love y'allll <3 Becks Gwen Liyi Mel Karen Amanda Nina Filzar Nabillah and the boysss).

I must admit that the curriculum and everything else is really vastly different from the Secondary School life. In the past/in secondary school, you just get spoon-fed with facts half the time. But right here in Poly, everything has to be done by yourself. Basically, the lecturers just leave you to do your own thang and as long as you can come up with something at the end of the day/produce results, it's all cool. The thing is, the lectures that we've now are insanely abstract, and I don't even get them half of the time. And yes, at the end of the day, if you snooze, you lose.

But I'm still late every single time, hah. No wonder...

The No.1 most dreaded lecture award goes to Principles of Marketing. Because it's like Social Studies back in secondary school, but taking it from a business perspective. Heck, why am I even learning business modules when I'm taking DMC?! Oh right, to cultivate me into a work-ready individual.

Contrary to 'popular belief', I do wish to get into a university. From Poly. Oh yeah, I'm aware of how hard it is. :< So I'm not gonna harbour much hopes, but w/e. I should stop being late because it's counted in "class participation", which ultimately contributes to my GPA... /SHUDDERS/

As usual, there's still a certain few individuals/fat black sheeps who're damn fucking kiampak but I shan't draw much attention to that.

Oh, and I've been trying to help people with their love-lifes and over-analyzing their crushes' actions/expressions and everything HAHAHAHAH. Though personally, my romantic life is as dry as a drought in Africa lmfao. I'm #foreveralone #foreverkpo-ing.

Everybody around me is either attached, or they're crushing on some guy.
I don't even have a crush. A few eyecandies here and there but nopeeeee. I don't even know their names pl0x. How awesome. And then there's the few desperate guys who goes around randomly adding me on Facebook "HAY DO U WANT 2 BE FRANSZ?". Okay bro I so will be your BFF4lyfe. -___-"


Let me go cuddle Minho oppppppa (HAHAHHAAH I should stop this) to sleep.
It's 2am. Goooodbam!

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