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Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi, this is Miss-Committing-Social-Suicide, Shermin, speaking.

Because of conflicting work schedules, I was unable to go for the CASS camp in SP. Boo. This is further precipitating the downwards spiralling of my social life, lmfao. I know this sounds weird, but I actually want school to start soon. Oh yes, I'm starting to sound craycray.

On the brighter scoop of things, I shall try to think of things in a positive light. Let's see... the longer hours I work, the higher the amount of pay I get, the more money I get to receive and therefore, the further EV can expand. And the more food I can stuff myself with. Yes, I'm throwing all my pay into EV. Call me crazy because it's practically like investing into a dwindling hellhole and digging yourself deeper into it, but you know what? I don't really care.

Yay, I think I kinda sound vaguely insane now, since everything I do now is with the motive of benefitting EV and etc. But you can't blame me for this, yknw? I literally poured out my hearts, lungs, brains and every other part of my body into it. No kidding. Arms and legs included to carry all those heavy goods back home. Hey, it isn't exactly a short ride back from the suppliers' side lmfao.

So yes... you wanna know how much I put in into EV?

1) I done up the website from head-to-toe. The buttons, navigational links, collection images, and etc. Except that the base template, but I did major modifications, so it doesn't even look like the original anymore, so I guess it's alright.

I'm obviously cutting cost since I don't wish to hire a professional web-designer to do it. I mean, it's obviously not the best design out there... I am obviously not the best web-designer too, but I feel that the current template suffice. :>

2) I kinda lost sleep each time I do the editting the collages till 5am so that they'd be put up asap. Measurements, descriptions are mostly done by myself too, sigh.

3) Replying e-mails on-the-go. Literally. I connected the e-mail to my Blackberry so that I can answer customers' enquiries asap, as well as whenever I'm on the road. I obviously can't do invoicing on my phone though, since there's a higher tendency of me screwing up in a way or another.

So it's kinda apt to say that EV is like my baby. I've already planned everything till C05 very extensively.

I'm working on promoting C3 right now. To be very honest, it's getting increasingly mundane and boring to do advertising on EV. Copying and pasting the same thing everywhere else, hoping that people will actually take a peek into my products and potentially buying something. The feeling kinda sucks. Because you don't get instant grafitication.

Well well well, C3 isn't doing as well as I expected. I expected a few items to sell well... but only one piece of those designs got sold so far, or even none... and it's kinda disappointing. :/ Then again, there were LOADS of hiccups during the launch of C3. First, Livejournal was being a cranky bitch and bailed on me halfway while I was doing measurements + descriptions. So, fine, I had to re-do everything again. I didn't mind, since I'm kinda stupid for thinking that Livejournal's autosave-draft is foolproof.

And then Photobucket decided to follow suit and become a bitch by displaying Bandwidth Exceeded on my pictures. So I was kinda stupid again for thinking that 10GB bandwidth is a lot, but I guess it isn't. Then, I paid $2.99 to reinstate it asap.

But apparently, they were still experiencing technical difficulties so I paid $2.99 for lacklustre service.... okay, well. I'll just stomach that down.

THEN, JUST TODAY, LIVEJOURNAL DECIDED TO BE FUCKED UP AGAIN. Jesus Christ, these people are the masters of driving my potential sales away...

Anyway, other issues.

Before I start on that, let me say the truth: EV has yet to earn anything yet. We're still suffering from a 'negative' amount, but I honestly cannot care less. Even my dad said it's impossible to just break even in a month and a half, so I guess I should just grit my teeth and hang on. It's more realistic and somewhat optimistic to think of it as a long-term investment.

In the background works, we're doing up C04/C05.

Okay, so let's see about the respective collections.

The items of C4 are sourced locally... but the material of everything are insanely good and lush. I mean, I can just sleep and curl up in the chiffon-overlay toga I brought in (Oh yes, you heard me right!). But well... this indirectly means insanely high cost price for them too. The cheapest cost price in C4 is the HIGHEST cost price in C3. It undeniably means that I'll have to increase the price range due to the difference in cost price. Yep. That's how drastic things are. You can say I'm taking a huge gamble (especially since I'm paying for this collection all by myself as I don't want to drag L into a potential mess I created) for C04 but you know what? I'm happy with taking this risk, surprisingly!

I'm thinking about cutting back on the profit margin and pricing everything way cheaper that what I'd usually do, so that I can make this collection an affordable one and more accessible to the public's pockets... but oh well, we'll see. Anyway, C4 is a majorly different from the style that is currently offered on EV. It's a TOTAL LAPSE (i'm not even kidding when I said total lapse) from that. EV's current style is mainstream, but still kept somewhat unique. (Or at least that was the direction that I was going for lol), but C4 is entirely different.

Everything is C4 is practically dark, contrasting colours, chiffon, with drapes, and etc. Main point is dark and I am aiming for something haute-couture-ish. Hope I didn't fail too badly. Because of the darkness of this upcoming collection, I'm gonna name it Eclipse! Nah, it's not inspired by a certain vampire novel. Never a fan of Meyer's literary works.

Oh, for the C4 items, as I reinforced earlier, I'm paying for everything myself since I'm responsible for the total change in style. So if this flops, it'll be a crash-and-burn for me, but... who cares, lol!

Okay, this has been a rant that I've been wanting to get it off my chest. Goodbam!

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