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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My heart says YAY but my bank account begs to differ by protesting with a huge 'NAY'.

Can't believe the amount in my bank account dwindled down by more than half in less than 2 weeks. From $800+ into $400+ when I haven't spent much on myself. Gosh. And it'll just keep doing down. What the hell. I planted a few hundreds into C02 (it better do well D:), spent too much on food (having Frolick + MOS burger at work every day doesn't seem like a viable option anymore - I should start eating Koufu every single day now HAHAHA), and etc.

C01 over at ***~*~EVIL VALENTINE~*~*** (yes, pimping again HAHAH deal with it) isn't exactly doing well (well, things are picking up and I made a few sales ever since it started, but honestly, we're struggling to get by). I've to pay for the upcoming shoot in C02 soon too.

On the plus side, paycheck is coming in tomorrow, but it isn't a huge amount because I am not working longer shifts. :( Maybe I should request for more shifts so that I'd be slightly more financially imbursed than before, hah.

Full shift for work tomorrow. 10.30am - 9.30pm. Happy about the pay, but not so about the working hours, yikes. Imagine staying put there for 11 whole hours... Guess i'll use some of the free time there to come up with descriptions for C02 + do some accounting here and there.

Also had to get presents for G's 17th birthday (she better love what we got her) + pay L the loots for she got for me from Bangkok. :( According to L, even Bangkok's goods are getting increasingly expensive :( HOW NOW BROWN COW THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BLASPHEMOUS D: No more cheap thrillz for meh anymore D; seriously... sobs. L is also having problems with coming up with the $$ and I don't want to pressurize her into handing me the $$ for C02's capital so soon.

Honestly, I haven't shopped for myself in a long time ever since I started on EV. I just did some calculations and even if we did sell about all of we have... the profit margin will still be relatively low. I wanna bring in items in bulk (so that prices would be cheaper) and even move on to manufacturing designs... but it's really hard to anticipate demand, sigh. Plus, EV is just not established enough. Tough choice right there.

Loads of people have been requesting to join the mailing list, but not ordering anything. It's not their fault at all, but I just don't know whether I should be happy or sad about this, haha.

A few other financial obligations here and there: I had to get a new wallet because the old one got stolen (fuck the thief, really. it caused me so much inconvenience). I also donated to the Red Cross for Earthquake relief too (Not that it's an obligation, but because I really wanted to do it). The amount I donated is nothing (about $15SGD? sorry D:), but I hope it helped anyway. :(

I wish I can terminate the world's poverty + my own poverty too.
Time to head to Koufu to dabao my lunch/dinner from now onwards. :( No more Frolick or fast-food, Shermin. >:(

Oh and yes, I guess this entire post is pretty disjointed. I am not in the best of spirits right now. Probably even a little disoriented since my eyelids are getting... heavy.

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