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Friday, March 4, 2011


Agenda for tomorrow/today (considering that it's 3.35am right now... uh-huh)/etc/whatever;

1) Get my ass off to Oakham Market since it's their upsizeeeeee day. (fyeah galaxy-printed tops - let's hope it's still in stock when my ass is in ann siang hill tomorrow) Thou shalt look forward to spending my $$ away bwahahha.

2) PHOTOSHOOT FOR EVIL VALENTINE. fucking finally, really. the shoot was severely delayed due to multiple hiccups. firstly, the first model backed out due to 'internal conflicts' with my other friend/partner in EV.

to sum things up, let's just say that she thought she was a big shot, self-assuming that we should take responsibility in marketing *her* own *preloved* products and put them up onto EV when we plan to make EV is supposed to be a branding for brand new clothes itself. grow some brains, will ya?

it's not that i'm unwilling to help her sell off her used products/preloveds (because i'd be more than happy to have her put up her items on shopohgalaxy if she wish :D), but for fuck's sake, it's a joint collaboration between two friends, so don't go around being a demanding bitch, throwing childish tamtrums at the BOTH OF US.

we don't fucking owe you a living. thanks.

so we tried to ask another friend, who agreed to become our second model, and she fell sick on the day that the shoot was supposed to be on, so poof! shoot cancelled. tough luck, huh?

so i finally rearranged the shoot to be held tomorrow and let's just keep our fingers crossed that nothing will go askew again, like the prior cases. amen. if everything goes according to what i've planned for, then yipeeeee, the launch shouldn't be too far away!

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