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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



end of pimp HAHAHAHA

MY EAT-AT-KOUFU RESOLUTION WORKED OUT!!!11!! The orange chicken rice is da bombz I swear. And it's so bloody filling ^^ Thou shalt eat from Koufu for my lunch breaks from now onwards! Budget-friendly and ridiculously yummy!

But I still succumbed to eating Frolick in the end HAHAHHA FML. But it's 1-for-1 Wednesday so you can't blame me. :P Coated my news with a new colour too! Galaxy/shimmer-blue heehee luvvvin' the new shade. But it got chipped off equally fast too... boo HAHAHA.

Thinking of carrying in this pair of Topshop Inspired Flag Prints Shorts (shown above)... but it'll be too late for C02 by the time it arrives anyway. It's so hard to anticipate what the public likes, the supply and demand and etc, so I don't know whether I should bring it in. If I do, it'd be priced at about $29.90-$32.90 or so (dependant on the end-shipping cost, since I'll be importing this in) and I'm not sure if the public is receptive towards that price.

For a product to sell (well), you need to pick something that the crowd likes, but yet, it also has to be reasonably priced so that they wouldn't be put off! That said, the base cost of this pair of flag print shorts is certainly not low, so we have a little problem here. :x

The possibility of having a C03 in EV is still a question. I still have loads of items that I want to bring in for EV... but oh well. Things are still a big question mark right there. If C02 does extraordinarily well, I don't mind continuing this venture at all! Why would I say no to new source of income? But what if it proved to just bring me negative amounts of $ in the bank...? then, damn.

Oh, and I'm nursing a swollen eyelid... again. Even the doctor says that it's peculiar to have it this often, especially when I don't seem to have hyperactive oil glands (since I'm pretty much clear of most pimples and acnes through puberty hahaha)... :( What to do... back to the daily ritual of applying eye ointment and eyelid-cleansing wipes. :(


Shoot for C02 tomorrowwwww, which is also coincidentally G's 17th! :D I'm already done with the descriptions (pardon me for all the cheesy lines you're gonna see in the description(s). my brain is/was evidently dead so i just consolidated all the cheesy fashion lines in the world and rojaked them up bwahahhaah) for most of the products and measurements while being at work, so all that is left before I launch it officially is the pichazzz! Can't wait xx

Also launching a birthday surprise for G's 17th while being at the photoshoot later heehee i hope she lurbbbbb what we got her! (WELL THIS IS NOT A HOPE. SHE MUST. SHE BETTER LOVE THEM SINCE WE SPENT LIKE $1XX IN TOTAL SOBS D:). Glenda and Sally agreed to become our new models hehehehe (AREN'T YOU GLAD TO SAY GOODBYE TO ME MY FACE ON EV? I KNOW I AM!!!11 :D). I hope the two pretty girls will make the photos turn out awesome and entice more people to come and buy wakakakaka.

Thou shalt promise more pichaz/visuals next time! Till then, tataaaaa xx.

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