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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm starting to go against my own dressing principles. It used to be all black, military-esque and 'safe', but right now, it's steering towards a different route - practically an explosion of prints and colours these days. You'll see why later. (L claimed that it's her ~great influence~ that's dawning on me, but I just gave an eyeroll in response HAHAHA.)


Scored this set of silver and turqoise nail polish (in contrast to my usual dressing principles, i'd like my nail designs/colours to be as outrageous as possible, and hence, the funky colours!) at Topshop! The packaging is so adorableeee. Okay, you can hear my inner packaging whore getting out of her hibernation again... But I do love the two colours combined together. The shimmery silver and turqoise shades are so... Atlantis-inspired. Well yeah, for a lack of a descriptive term, that is.

Oh, and I fucking bought a Sudoku/Crossword Puzzle blazer HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Scored it at a relatively cheap price too at a charity sale near my workplace. There's a few more (brand new) pieces in stock over there, and I am honestly thinking about introducing/selling it in C03... but... I don't think the general public/Singaporeans would approve of this aha. I already got a few odd stares from passerbys when I was sashaying in town wearing this oversized baby, heh.

While it's a littleeee (scratch that, it's wayyyyyy) louder than my other clothes/usual dressing, it still retained some of my 'dressing traits'... the black-&-white-ness of it.

I wouldn't believe myself for buying something so obnoxiously loud...


Maybe L is right in the sense that her overpowering influence is getting to me... Oh noes.


Ohhhh, and we went sourcing for C03's goods the other day and voilaaaa, here's some of the things that we've got in for C03! :D I'm rabbbitly (I'm aware that such a word doesn't exists, but let me be b(p)unny for a few moments) eggcited for the shoot as well as the launchhhh.

This is probably my favourite set out of the set...

If you've a smart eye, you'd spy a Nerds Rabbit Chiffon Vest, Cascading drapes skirt (Two Ways to Wear it :D), a Black Envelope Clutch and a Rabbit Ring (I haven't attached the ring base to it yet aha)!

Not for sale: Moschino Belt & Topshop Moustache Socks (I foresee that people are gonna ask, lol!) as well as the little diary/book!

The diary will be used for promotional/giveaway purposessss in Collection 3! (I bought it for myself for impulse... but I haven't used it at all. I didn't want to sell it, so what better way to purge it? ;D)

OH GOD SO FLIPPING ADORABLE. Do you spy the nerds-rabbits embriodery on the cream chiffon top/vest? ^___^ I am honestly tempted to go back to the supplier and request for another one of the rabbit vest for myself since it's too adorable for wordssssss hehehe.

I'm also contemplating whether I should keep the love-hate double-fingered ring for myself, hmmmmm. ;)

Here, you can see some nautical-themed motifs on the ever-popular watercolour tank dress bodycons! There'll be two colours for the nautical-motifs obsessed peeps ;) At a really budget-friendly price too!

Last but not leasttttt, here's a Topshop-inspired cream crochet vest with fringe/tassles and another pair of shreded HW denimssss (back by popular demand!) I think that they're gonna end up as wardrobe staplessss. The crochet vest looks so gorgeous in real-life/when worn. People are gonna regret not getting it from us because we're one of the few who managed to score this baby hehehe.... and if they don't get it from us/now... they're probably never gonna see it again! Only available in limited quantities!

Another item/design that is not shown in any of the pictures is our Topshop-inspired 2-way cardigan! Wanted to take a snapshot of it, but it just doesn't look flattering as itself/on a flat ground, but it looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSS when worn on a human figure. My precious momma already went to kope one from me but she's paying cost price... 'cause she's my momma -_-"

As its name suggests, you can wear it in two ways, both long and short, and each way accounts for a drapey silhouette. :'D Kinda like two-cardigan-for-the-price-of-one. Furthermore... it's Topshop-inspired! You'll be getting it from us at a fraction of its original priceeee. It's a lightweight knit cardigan, so it's still suitable for sunny Singapore as well as our scorching climateeee!


On the negative side of things...

It's getting me a little sad/worried/disappointed that some of the other blogshops have also launched similar items as us while we're down here waiting not-so-patiently for our shoot to commence. There's always loads of hiccups in between, sigh.

Oh, and yes, C03 is rather small (but they'll be about ten different designs/items, so it's alright) but I'll explain that in detail later, perhaps in another blogpost, or when I get the time to churn out my thoughts and pen them down coherently into words. As well as my thoughts/expectations for EV's upcoming collections...

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