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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm starting to go against my own dressing principles. It used to be all black, military-esque and 'safe', but right now, it's steering towards a different route - practically an explosion of prints and colours these days. You'll see why later. (L claimed that it's her ~great influence~ that's dawning on me, but I just gave an eyeroll in response HAHAHA.)


Scored this set of silver and turqoise nail polish (in contrast to my usual dressing principles, i'd like my nail designs/colours to be as outrageous as possible, and hence, the funky colours!) at Topshop! The packaging is so adorableeee. Okay, you can hear my inner packaging whore getting out of her hibernation again... But I do love the two colours combined together. The shimmery silver and turqoise shades are so... Atlantis-inspired. Well yeah, for a lack of a descriptive term, that is.

Oh, and I fucking bought a Sudoku/Crossword Puzzle blazer HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Scored it at a relatively cheap price too at a charity sale near my workplace. There's a few more (brand new) pieces in stock over there, and I am honestly thinking about introducing/selling it in C03... but... I don't think the general public/Singaporeans would approve of this aha. I already got a few odd stares from passerbys when I was sashaying in town wearing this oversized baby, heh.

While it's a littleeee (scratch that, it's wayyyyyy) louder than my other clothes/usual dressing, it still retained some of my 'dressing traits'... the black-&-white-ness of it.

I wouldn't believe myself for buying something so obnoxiously loud...


Maybe L is right in the sense that her overpowering influence is getting to me... Oh noes.


Ohhhh, and we went sourcing for C03's goods the other day and voilaaaa, here's some of the things that we've got in for C03! :D I'm rabbbitly (I'm aware that such a word doesn't exists, but let me be b(p)unny for a few moments) eggcited for the shoot as well as the launchhhh.

This is probably my favourite set out of the set...

If you've a smart eye, you'd spy a Nerds Rabbit Chiffon Vest, Cascading drapes skirt (Two Ways to Wear it :D), a Black Envelope Clutch and a Rabbit Ring (I haven't attached the ring base to it yet aha)!

Not for sale: Moschino Belt & Topshop Moustache Socks (I foresee that people are gonna ask, lol!) as well as the little diary/book!

The diary will be used for promotional/giveaway purposessss in Collection 3! (I bought it for myself for impulse... but I haven't used it at all. I didn't want to sell it, so what better way to purge it? ;D)

OH GOD SO FLIPPING ADORABLE. Do you spy the nerds-rabbits embriodery on the cream chiffon top/vest? ^___^ I am honestly tempted to go back to the supplier and request for another one of the rabbit vest for myself since it's too adorable for wordssssss hehehe.

I'm also contemplating whether I should keep the love-hate double-fingered ring for myself, hmmmmm. ;)

Here, you can see some nautical-themed motifs on the ever-popular watercolour tank dress bodycons! There'll be two colours for the nautical-motifs obsessed peeps ;) At a really budget-friendly price too!

Last but not leasttttt, here's a Topshop-inspired cream crochet vest with fringe/tassles and another pair of shreded HW denimssss (back by popular demand!) I think that they're gonna end up as wardrobe staplessss. The crochet vest looks so gorgeous in real-life/when worn. People are gonna regret not getting it from us because we're one of the few who managed to score this baby hehehe.... and if they don't get it from us/now... they're probably never gonna see it again! Only available in limited quantities!

Another item/design that is not shown in any of the pictures is our Topshop-inspired 2-way cardigan! Wanted to take a snapshot of it, but it just doesn't look flattering as itself/on a flat ground, but it looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSS when worn on a human figure. My precious momma already went to kope one from me but she's paying cost price... 'cause she's my momma -_-"

As its name suggests, you can wear it in two ways, both long and short, and each way accounts for a drapey silhouette. :'D Kinda like two-cardigan-for-the-price-of-one. Furthermore... it's Topshop-inspired! You'll be getting it from us at a fraction of its original priceeee. It's a lightweight knit cardigan, so it's still suitable for sunny Singapore as well as our scorching climateeee!


On the negative side of things...

It's getting me a little sad/worried/disappointed that some of the other blogshops have also launched similar items as us while we're down here waiting not-so-patiently for our shoot to commence. There's always loads of hiccups in between, sigh.

Oh, and yes, C03 is rather small (but they'll be about ten different designs/items, so it's alright) but I'll explain that in detail later, perhaps in another blogpost, or when I get the time to churn out my thoughts and pen them down coherently into words. As well as my thoughts/expectations for EV's upcoming collections...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


No inspiration to design much these days, but this is for L's upcoming webstore, JunkieRuins! The site is still under construction though, especially since I'm a lazy nua-ing asshole who doesn't want to start on the wordy part of the site. She/Her mom paid me a minimal fee for the work, so of course, I've to do it well, heh. All of her goods are sourced from overseas and I saw loads of the loots she has for sale... I'm jellllly.

As for EVIL VALENTINE, I just made the site undergo a mini facelift as well ;) I still retained the minimalism of it, making it as clean-cut as ever, just that it's probably easier to navigate now. Plus, the navigational links look classier hahahah.

Do check it out too!


Saturday, March 19, 2011


What you'll see: Bohemian Lace-trimmed Kaftans, Stripe Maxi/Trenchcoat, Chained Vest in the style of Alexander Wang, Cocoon Knitwear (3 colours!!!!11), TOPSHOP Inspired Scalloped Hem Tops, Studded&Shredded High Waisted Denims, Raw-edge tank dress, Deer Head Ring, Foxy Two-Headed Bangle!

Really proud of this collection, especially since I did all the merchandizing myself this time trolololo, I've received quite a few orders on the day of its launch... although some are just support/orders from friend(s), but still, I feel appreciated.

If everything goes well in C02 (e.g. if I can actually manage to sell more than 50% of the stocks/break even the capital/profit (?! - virtually impossible)... I'll definitely be open towards importing stuff from overseas for an upcoming collection. When things does get bigger (ha-ha, not gonna happen at this point in time), I'm definitely up for manufacturing of designs!





The pretty models this time are Sally and Glenda, who kindly lent their faces for EV's C02 hehe. If you want to see more of their pretty faces/them to model more, you've to buy from EV bwahahahaha.

I'm still nursing the worst swollen eye ever. (Honestly contemplating a fucking incision to end it once and for all) Hence, it'd be greatly appreciated if you can donate to my 'Help-Shermin-get-a-surgery-for-my-eyelid-cyst' fund by... yes, again, buying from EV. This eyelid cyst has been antagonizing me for the past fucking days, so, pretty please?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



end of pimp HAHAHAHA

MY EAT-AT-KOUFU RESOLUTION WORKED OUT!!!11!! The orange chicken rice is da bombz I swear. And it's so bloody filling ^^ Thou shalt eat from Koufu for my lunch breaks from now onwards! Budget-friendly and ridiculously yummy!

But I still succumbed to eating Frolick in the end HAHAHHA FML. But it's 1-for-1 Wednesday so you can't blame me. :P Coated my news with a new colour too! Galaxy/shimmer-blue heehee luvvvin' the new shade. But it got chipped off equally fast too... boo HAHAHA.

Thinking of carrying in this pair of Topshop Inspired Flag Prints Shorts (shown above)... but it'll be too late for C02 by the time it arrives anyway. It's so hard to anticipate what the public likes, the supply and demand and etc, so I don't know whether I should bring it in. If I do, it'd be priced at about $29.90-$32.90 or so (dependant on the end-shipping cost, since I'll be importing this in) and I'm not sure if the public is receptive towards that price.

For a product to sell (well), you need to pick something that the crowd likes, but yet, it also has to be reasonably priced so that they wouldn't be put off! That said, the base cost of this pair of flag print shorts is certainly not low, so we have a little problem here. :x

The possibility of having a C03 in EV is still a question. I still have loads of items that I want to bring in for EV... but oh well. Things are still a big question mark right there. If C02 does extraordinarily well, I don't mind continuing this venture at all! Why would I say no to new source of income? But what if it proved to just bring me negative amounts of $ in the bank...? then, damn.

Oh, and I'm nursing a swollen eyelid... again. Even the doctor says that it's peculiar to have it this often, especially when I don't seem to have hyperactive oil glands (since I'm pretty much clear of most pimples and acnes through puberty hahaha)... :( What to do... back to the daily ritual of applying eye ointment and eyelid-cleansing wipes. :(


Shoot for C02 tomorrowwwww, which is also coincidentally G's 17th! :D I'm already done with the descriptions (pardon me for all the cheesy lines you're gonna see in the description(s). my brain is/was evidently dead so i just consolidated all the cheesy fashion lines in the world and rojaked them up bwahahhaah) for most of the products and measurements while being at work, so all that is left before I launch it officially is the pichazzz! Can't wait xx

Also launching a birthday surprise for G's 17th while being at the photoshoot later heehee i hope she lurbbbbb what we got her! (WELL THIS IS NOT A HOPE. SHE MUST. SHE BETTER LOVE THEM SINCE WE SPENT LIKE $1XX IN TOTAL SOBS D:). Glenda and Sally agreed to become our new models hehehehe (AREN'T YOU GLAD TO SAY GOODBYE TO ME MY FACE ON EV? I KNOW I AM!!!11 :D). I hope the two pretty girls will make the photos turn out awesome and entice more people to come and buy wakakakaka.

Thou shalt promise more pichaz/visuals next time! Till then, tataaaaa xx.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My heart says YAY but my bank account begs to differ by protesting with a huge 'NAY'.

Can't believe the amount in my bank account dwindled down by more than half in less than 2 weeks. From $800+ into $400+ when I haven't spent much on myself. Gosh. And it'll just keep doing down. What the hell. I planted a few hundreds into C02 (it better do well D:), spent too much on food (having Frolick + MOS burger at work every day doesn't seem like a viable option anymore - I should start eating Koufu every single day now HAHAHA), and etc.

C01 over at ***~*~EVIL VALENTINE~*~*** (yes, pimping again HAHAH deal with it) isn't exactly doing well (well, things are picking up and I made a few sales ever since it started, but honestly, we're struggling to get by). I've to pay for the upcoming shoot in C02 soon too.

On the plus side, paycheck is coming in tomorrow, but it isn't a huge amount because I am not working longer shifts. :( Maybe I should request for more shifts so that I'd be slightly more financially imbursed than before, hah.

Full shift for work tomorrow. 10.30am - 9.30pm. Happy about the pay, but not so about the working hours, yikes. Imagine staying put there for 11 whole hours... Guess i'll use some of the free time there to come up with descriptions for C02 + do some accounting here and there.

Also had to get presents for G's 17th birthday (she better love what we got her) + pay L the loots for she got for me from Bangkok. :( According to L, even Bangkok's goods are getting increasingly expensive :( HOW NOW BROWN COW THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BLASPHEMOUS D: No more cheap thrillz for meh anymore D; seriously... sobs. L is also having problems with coming up with the $$ and I don't want to pressurize her into handing me the $$ for C02's capital so soon.

Honestly, I haven't shopped for myself in a long time ever since I started on EV. I just did some calculations and even if we did sell about all of we have... the profit margin will still be relatively low. I wanna bring in items in bulk (so that prices would be cheaper) and even move on to manufacturing designs... but it's really hard to anticipate demand, sigh. Plus, EV is just not established enough. Tough choice right there.

Loads of people have been requesting to join the mailing list, but not ordering anything. It's not their fault at all, but I just don't know whether I should be happy or sad about this, haha.

A few other financial obligations here and there: I had to get a new wallet because the old one got stolen (fuck the thief, really. it caused me so much inconvenience). I also donated to the Red Cross for Earthquake relief too (Not that it's an obligation, but because I really wanted to do it). The amount I donated is nothing (about $15SGD? sorry D:), but I hope it helped anyway. :(

I wish I can terminate the world's poverty + my own poverty too.
Time to head to Koufu to dabao my lunch/dinner from now onwards. :( No more Frolick or fast-food, Shermin. >:(

Oh and yes, I guess this entire post is pretty disjointed. I am not in the best of spirits right now. Probably even a little disoriented since my eyelids are getting... heavy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hold on, before I start, let me pimp EV a little while I can. (I'm thinking of donating half of my profits of EV towards the Japan earthquake's victims by the way. It might not be a big/substantial amount, but I hope it still can save/help in resurrecting's somebody life/dreams, etc)

***~*~EVIL VALENTINE~*~***
follow us on Twitter for the latest updates too!! ^_______^v

We got a little trigger (or should I say, shutter?) happy during the shoot, and since we only have a limited number of designs to shoot, we basically had 20 minutes to spare after finishing the products shots... so we started to spam some shots that are irrelevant to the webstore HAHAHA.

I mean, you're armed with a DSLR in your hands, and you're inside in a studio with awesome lightning, are you sure you don't want to take advantage of that hmmm? ;D


My face looks hideous in the above picture, so I just cropped it off and went as Miss Headless!

I was bored so I did a mini edit right thar in Photoshop~~~

"Fallen" will be the name for C02! The starbust acid tie-dye midi dress featured in this little 'poster' is from C01 though! Do visit EVILVALENTINE to purchase it if you like it enough. ;D It's only going for $25.90! Hello?! Where do you get such deals, hmm?! Yes, this is me pimping my webstore further.

Sorry, we are running low on advertising costs. (Oh wait, we don't even have any advertising costs to start off with LOL)

I'll do a proper image/preview for C02 in due time hahaha. The clothes featured/offered in C02 will differ from the ones in C01 by quite a bit, but the general style will still remains. This time round, I'm the one solely doing all the merchandizing (C01 had a mixture of styles between both me and my partner) while L is happily frolicking away in the Land of the Thousand Smiles, so if C02 ends up like a flop too... then blame me lol!

I kid, she's down there doing srs bzn of stocking for her own personal webstore as well! She got the same ring I bought in SG for.... $10 over there. And I bought it for $30.

FML this is triggering me to get a air ticket to Bangkok right now.

I don't know what the difference in style will bring, but if C02 still ends up as a flop... I honestly don't mind just giving up on the webstore and just leave it stagnant. There's no point in investing into it if it's not gonna bring back any profits. I've planted in all my savings/salary from my part-time job into this venture, and I really want it to work out so badly, but if circumstances doesn't allow that to happen... then so be it.

I do have a little sneak peek on what we're gonna offer for C02 though! (Continue reading and you'll reach there soon enough).

L WAS TRYING TO BE ALL PHOTOGRAPHER-ISH SO THIS IS A CANDID OF ME.... but i posed for it anyway HAHAH. We put on minimal amounts of make-up on that day. (Not even foundation, concealer or anything... fml). All I/we put on was eyeliner and lipgloss (L had additional blusher haha). Hence the disgusting pictures.... again. :(

Then I got a little too trigger happy myself and spammed shots of L too hehehe.

Oh, and while being at the shoot, there's a few happenings as well. We saw a few other blogshops as well... and let's just say one of them/one particular model wasn't very kind while another one (of another webstore) was so incredibly nice.

The nicer model in question, was doing her make-up at the changing room but me and L had to remove our make-up. We went to the toilet first but the lights were out so we couldn't remove our make-up properly without light shining into the mirror. This nice model offered to lend us her make-up space (nice deed #1!) and her mirror too... not only that, she even offered to lend us her make-up remover (nice deed #2!) cause me and L are make-up n00bs HAHAHA. This might sound like nothing to y'all but it means quite a bit to me. Little acts of nice-ness are heartwarming, no? And let's move on to the not-so-nice model.

When she walked in, she shot us judgemental stares (what for? we were busy steaming our clothes or just sitting down waiting) when we weren't even doing anything. Then the owner of the webstore and her exchanged some words, and the owner also did the same, but not as obvious as she did.

Hmm, weird and awkward, getting eyestares from the same pair of eyes consecutively... I gave the model of that particular webstore the benefit of doubt and tried to think of her stares (and an almost-eyeroll) as her default expression because I know some people just look... dao when they're not smiling (ME! HAHAHA) so I just forgotten about it after a while.

Then fast-forward to the (HOOKED ON FLEA @ ORCHARD HOTEL TAB) just yesterday.

I was just walking around, flea-ing, visiting my friends who had a stall and etc.

And guess what? ^____^v

Saw the same model AGAIN.
Saw the same owner AGAIN.
Okay, coincidence. I'd have preferred it if she had ignored my prescene, but no?!
And this time, she pointed me outright to her friends/the same owner again and they were ALL darting some sort of conspicious eye-stares at me AND my friend. D00d, maybe you've some bad blood with me (i don't know?!) but do you have some kind of untold grudge with my friend too?! Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO WARRANT ALL THOSE JUDGEMENTAL EYE-STARES d00d?! DO YOU KNOW HOW R00D IT IS TO KEEP STARING AT ME?!

Maybe it's just me being insensitive, but both L (at the shoot) and my friend (at the flea) felt SUPER uncomfortable with the stares, so it's not just me. And it's not as if we stepped on their tails to begin with.

Okay. Happy things, managed to score this amazing knitwear at the flea for ten bucks and two rings together for 6! Total damage = $16. Not baddddd ^___^v



This is just a FRACTION of what we're gonna offer. This time round, I opted more for variety/designs/quality rather than quantity! Hence, limited pieces for everything! :D Decided to bring in the crowd's favourites, but yet, offered at an even more competitive pricing! I saw some products that we've over at Far East as well (just a little amount, probably about 10% of what we've haha) but they're priced at twice the amount?! Blasphemous haha!

Oh, and yes, those are shitty pictures of the upcoming products but I'm still waiting for L to come back from BKK before we can proceed with anythingggg, e.g. the photoshoot and the pricings, etc.

But anyway, what you can expect for C02: Topshop-inspired Scalloped Hem Tops (3 COLOURS: BLACK, CREAM, ELECTRIC BLUE). They're made of superior quality and material, and they're not sheer (except for the cream one), unlike the ones that are from Topshop itself! Ironic huh? :P Also, do expect ripped/studded denims, woodlands-inspired accessories, raw-edge tank dress, stripe maxi trenchcoat, tribal poncho, laced-trim bohemian chiffon (received a feedback that we should bring in more chiffon... so :'D) poncho, chained vest (with leatherette panel and chiffon drapessss zomg!), and KNITWEARRRRR. IN 3 FREAKING GORGEOUS COLOURS AGAIN - Cream, Black and Coffee Brown! The colours/fit is so flattering I swear. They literally go well with anything! *__* If nobody is getting them, I call dibs, hah!

I got lazy with bringing the camera out lately, hence the wordy/text posts instead of visuals. Plus, I've a lot of things to vent out lately too, hah. I think this post is a bit more visually appealing than usual though, while being a little wordy at the same time, haha. I call it an equal mix! :'D


This is a totally irrelevant sidenote, but I've been rethinking a few issues and rearranging my priorities lately... and I've decided to carry on with EV. I'll also be kicking away a bad habit/side-job I've been dabbling in soon enough, no matter how much inconvenience and damage it can cause me. I know this sounds cryptic, but hopefully it won't come back to plague me when I'm over with it.


Was watching the news like a hawk these days (ahem, something I don't do so often) because of the recent 9.0 magnitude Japan Earthquake. :( This disaster is especially devasating. :( Loads of people have been killed in this natural disaster... even small kids who hasn't even seen enough of the world yet. Why is the world so cruel towards Asia?! China, Indonesia, and now Japan. Worst of all, earthquakes and tsunamis are a complementary pair. With earthquake, tsunamis comes along, and there's basically no way to avoid/prevent it... People are feeding and surviving on debris as we speak right now... and that is so heartwrenching.

I know my words right now wouldn't help, and while I'm physically unable to support the Japanese/victims of the Earthquake right now, I'd love to offer some financial support and make some donations when organizations like Red Cross and Salvation Army open financial aid to them. :( I know nobody reads this blog of mine, but really, try to offer any help whenever you can to those victims.

The earthquake really got me thinking about how fragile life is, really. I've friends who were in neighbouring countries and I was SCARED SHITLESS of how they might possibly get affected. I honestly feel for those who might friends or relatives inside Japan right now. :( Fingers crossed, and I'll be praying for them.

Life is fragile, really. A little crack, and it's gone.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm starting to doubt myself.

The launch of Evil Valentine wasn't exactly an easy one, especially with loads of hiccups in between. Firstly, the problems with the models. The first model had a conflict with us, wherelse the second model was sick on the day of the shoot. So it ended up with me and my friend/partner being the models. Think we're ugly/not pretty enough? We know it too.

I am bummed to see that the sales of EV is... drastically below what we've expected. Nope, I didn't even expect to sell out everything, but I just hoped to break even, e.g. just getting enough to cover for our capital/base cost, or just somewhere near there would be fine. Even just selling 50% of what we currently have would make us happy too. We didn't even want to profit off this, we just wanted to get back the money that we put in so that we can invest it into Collection 2. We harboured so much hopes, dreams and ambitions for EV, but guess what? Not gonna happen.

I've tried to dissected what are the problems, and how to solve them.

No.1: Publicity.

I know loads of blogshops advertise their stuff on SGFLEA and I did the same thing too. The funny thing is, I did it the same way for SHOPOHGALAXY and SOG is garnering way more buyers/people who dished enquiries in than EV, when EV is 'supposed' to be the more popular one.

Come on, SOG is meant for preloveds but EV is a webstore. EV should be the popular one. Call me unlucky or what, but whenever I try to submit my post in for EV, the moderation queue is always full. Other than that, whenever I get to submit it in after the moderation queue is cleared, loads of posts get submitted in, cleared and posted too, so my advertising/selling post gets pushed off the first page. I know most people only browse through the first place because of... obvious reasons, so yeah. That's it.

As a way to promote EV further, I've already cross-posted the advertising/selling post to various other LJ communities. I do not want to resort to using the e-mail/spam method because that's just nasty. The tagboard advertising method is tacky as well. :/

The second way to advertise the blogshop properly, is to, well, hire famous bloggers to post advertorials for ya. But this definitely doesn't comes cheap. A post by them can easily costs up to a hundred, even though viewership and potential buyers does increase as well. The thing is... the money in itself is a big problem.

The third way (one of our last resorts), is to sell the products at a flea market, which means we've to price the clothes EVEN cheaper, but we'll do advertising for it at the same time. E.g. putting up a banner, jio-ing people to join our mailing list, slotting our namecards and etc inside the shopping bags when we pass it to them. But... pricing the clothes cheaper is a relatively big problem as well, because No.1: our base cost isn't exactly cheap, because stocks are retrieved from Singapore and not BKK. No.2: The profits HAVE to be shared between two people. If prices go down, the profits goes down too, and the cut of it will be halved as well.

The last way (definitely something I'd not want to attempt) is to add random friends on Facebook and upload our product pictures, while tagging them in it. I find this a highly iritating move though. So, no-no. I despise blogshop owners who does this, but really, does this method gain them more buyers... hmm?

How now brown cow?

Money money money $___$

No. 2: Lack of variety/designs and 'unique-ness'

I know, designs are really limited over at EV. I do wish I could introduce more products/designs (I saw loads more that I liked as well). And nothing special. Especially in this overly saturated market, nobody gives a fuck if you've "normal" stuff. We've limited capital, hence the limited designs. I was half-hesitant on whether we should 'push' it and cater to the 'non-mainstream' people. E.g., having pieces that are vastly different from other blogshops. We had this option, but I didn't dare to go ahead and do it because I am afraid that the public might not be so receptive towards that idea.

I've reviewed the pricings and compared it with other blogshops as well. Our prices are somewhat competitive (e.g. the usual pricings that blogshops dish out), nothing too expensive on our side. I admit that the bags are pretty expensive out of everything, but the base cost is remarkably high too. I tried to make the first collection as affordable as possible so that we can establish EV as a branding first instead of lunging profits off it.

The base cost of our products are pretty high in the first place because we didn't get our goods from Bangkok, but in Singapore. Naturally, prices/base costs are much higher than usual.

No. 3: Lack of a pretty model/ambassador:

Come on, admit it, you want a eyecandy to look at when you're browsing through blogshops too, don't you? Don't you just love it when a certain blogshop has a super pretty model that you can't help but eyecandy-over? As an example, I love the model of AshInCans, and besides the fact that AIC's clothes are really good (see, I'm advertising for other blogshops right now. Completely FOC. What the hell am I doing?!), the model is really pretty and can pull off the clothes really well. Which accounts for a 2-in-1 visual appeal, thus enticing buyers to buy the products.

But here at EV, we've a gross-looking (main) model, a.k.a me. Do you know how much I hated being the model? I didn't want to put my face or plant it in EV at all. I wanted to see pretty faces on my blogshop too. :( But professional blogshop models don't come cheap. Probably at $50/hr and that can certainly kills my pockets. And my unphotogenic friend (SHE'S NOT UGLY AND FAT BUT SHE KEEPS TELLING ME THAT OMG) is also a model at EV as well. She's much prettier in real life but the photos just can't showcase that well.

:( And meh, I'm worse. I am not even pretty in real life, and neither am I photogenic.

I'm already cui-looking in real life. So add being unphotogenic to that and you get a super ugly-looking model. I apologize to anybody who was disgusted by my face on EV, tbh. Not that I wanted it to be like this. I can't pull most of the clothes well. Maybe I won't call myself incredibly ugly, but really, I'm nowhere near the standards of those established models.

FML moment right tharrrr.

The above paragraphs aren't meant to fish for compliments, jsyk. I really think I am fucking unattractive (thou shalt not use the word 'ugly' to kill my self-esteem further, unattractive doesn't have any disgusting/negative connotations, i hope. it's a 'neutral word), with or without make-up. That's the sad part - I know some girls look gorgoeus with make-up on but I still look like sai with make-up applied on.

The only redeeming part is the visual design of EV. We went to the studio to take product photos, and the website/design itself is done by me. The editting/collaging of photos is also done by me, so we did cut a few costs around there. It sorta pays to be a (soon-to-be-retired) web-designer HAHAHA.


All in all, I'm starting to doubt myself.

Me and my taste in fashion, me and the merchandise I selected/picked for the public, me and my theories of managing a business. Me and my advertising methods. Me and my... everything. I just feel like I'm living in denial.

My parents doubted me, claiming that the stuff I brought in are rubbish. I took those as naysaying words, because they're conventional old folks who claimed that online ventures are 'dangerous' and 'risky'. To which, I ignored, of course. Add that on to the fact that they're unappreciative of fashion and ignorant of current trends, and therefore, I just shuted them up by saying I'll go ahead anyway.

And that's why I couldn't put in too much capital into it. Because I'm relying solely on my own savings, I didn't ask a single cents from them. Right from the purchase of those goods, studio, and etc, everything came out of me and my friends' pockets. Never did we ask anything from our parents, because we wanted the success to be solely ours.

And if this ends up as a flop (which i think it is somewhat near there as well), then at least I won't lose too much money.

They also warned me having a 'business' isn't as easy as it seems and there's loads of hard work, obstacles and challenges involved, but I really want to make my interest/hobby a lucrative one, but guess what? You don't always get what you wished for. I wanted to dabble in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandizing in Poly, actually. But they didn't wanted to let me pursuit that at all, because they think it is a 'dead path' - signalling that the course doesn't have a future.

When O Levels Results came out, I was eligible for Mass Comm (to my utter surprise) so I gave up in chasing after AD&FM. Okay, digression.

You know what? I had great dreams for EV. I even planned what to bring in for C02 and C03 even before launching C01. Think, cute rompers, high-waisted shorts, hearts-printed cardigans, ponchos, flag print cardigans. Those things are amazing (at least, imo) but I am hesitating really hard right now.

But now that C01 is launched and that the results are not showing any shit, I don't know what to feel anymore. To continue or not to, that is a question.

I am thinking really hard, having another theory of pulling in all of my savings into C02 to make it a big one, and maybe hire a pretty-as-hell model (who preferably has a blog - haha, i already have one in mind) to help us be the 'ambassador'... but if at the end of the day, nothing gets bought... then the ones who truly suffers is, us.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evil Valentine;

I was forced to be the model for a few pieces of clothings since I brought in the trousers in a smaller size lol fml :( But yesssssir shoot's done! ^___^ Preview preview preview zomg zomg so eggcited.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Agenda for tomorrow/today (considering that it's 3.35am right now... uh-huh)/etc/whatever;

1) Get my ass off to Oakham Market since it's their upsizeeeeee day. (fyeah galaxy-printed tops - let's hope it's still in stock when my ass is in ann siang hill tomorrow) Thou shalt look forward to spending my $$ away bwahahha.

2) PHOTOSHOOT FOR EVIL VALENTINE. fucking finally, really. the shoot was severely delayed due to multiple hiccups. firstly, the first model backed out due to 'internal conflicts' with my other friend/partner in EV.

to sum things up, let's just say that she thought she was a big shot, self-assuming that we should take responsibility in marketing *her* own *preloved* products and put them up onto EV when we plan to make EV is supposed to be a branding for brand new clothes itself. grow some brains, will ya?

it's not that i'm unwilling to help her sell off her used products/preloveds (because i'd be more than happy to have her put up her items on shopohgalaxy if she wish :D), but for fuck's sake, it's a joint collaboration between two friends, so don't go around being a demanding bitch, throwing childish tamtrums at the BOTH OF US.

we don't fucking owe you a living. thanks.

so we tried to ask another friend, who agreed to become our second model, and she fell sick on the day that the shoot was supposed to be on, so poof! shoot cancelled. tough luck, huh?

so i finally rearranged the shoot to be held tomorrow and let's just keep our fingers crossed that nothing will go askew again, like the prior cases. amen. if everything goes according to what i've planned for, then yipeeeee, the launch shouldn't be too far away!