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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Universal Studiosssss;

HARLOW USS. I'm like the no.1 suaku Singaporean who didn't step into USS until last week ahaha.

(Ok wait cleopatra isn't Hawaiian so using 'Aloha' is probably a little unappropriate HAHAH. What's the Egyptian's translation for "Hello" again?)

Um. I love her brows? They're pretty... exotic-looking imo, HAHAHAA.

SORRY FOR THE NARCISSTIC SHOT ^__^v the landscape behind was beautiful, the sun was perfect, yadah yadah, lemme make more excuses for my narcissm k thanks hehe.

in the land called, far far away (i'm not kidding here, it's really called far far away aha), there lies a dragon... roller-coaster. it's a junior roller coaster, perfect for the scaredy cats who didn't dare to challenge the battlestar galatica... like me.

it isn't really an arcade. the sign doesn't really have a purpose for its existence. it's probably just there for decorative purposes/for tourists to take artsy-fartsy shots 8D. /coughs, me coughs/

honestly this tote is kinda nice but loadsa people have it already so i was hesitant on getting it. didn't bought it in the end as well lol. 'forgotten' about it so i decided that there was no 'affinity' between me and the bag. guess i didn't liked it enough. hah, me and my warped logic/theory again lol.

REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS FTW KK even though it balances out to be $1/cup, since it's $4 per pack and there's 4 cups in each pack - fml.

THE HUMAN SIDE OF THE BATTLESTAR GALATICA. the cylon one is crazier. i didn't dare to sit on that roller-coaster because i was afraid that my guts will fly out during the ride. or my hair gets stucked onto some track/rails and i become a headless ghost.

me and emma made a pact to only visit/ride the coaster when we've leukamia/cancer/other life-threatening diseases that can't be cured. because, either way, you're gonna die soon.


anyhoo, uss made me aware of a few things;

1) it's a money-sucking place meant exclusively for tourists imo. i bought a 'potion bottle' of orange juice (just 'cause it looks cute and i needed a souvenir heheh) and it cost me a grand $12.90. WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE. even a friggin' turkey leg cost $10.80. WHAT IS LIFE AGAIN.

guys. kindly arm yourself with a three-figure-sum when you're in USS. nothing comes cheap there. except for, maybe, mel's diner, the fast-food restaurant we ate at for dinner, it's the only place there that has mildly reasonable pricings.

2) PROUD OF SELF FOR EVEN BRAVING "THE REVENGE OF THE MUMMY" ROLLER-COASTER RIDE. it's a fucking indoor roller-coaster and it scared the living shit outta me with all the haunted effects, backwards motion, high-speed drop and etc. GEEZ EVEN THE PATH TO THE RIDE ITSELF IS LIKE... BRAVING THROUGH A FUCKING DUNGEON.

the scariness of it? hmm, it depends on each individual. i can 'tahan' the darkness of it but some people can't. like how desiree can handle the battlestar but she can't handle the mummy, haha. so yeahhhhh, it depends on whether one has a phobia of the darkness or not, haha.

it's scary enough to scare somebody to tears, but it gets shiok after a while and you'll get addicted to it.

by the way, it's my first roller-coaster ride in my ripe 17 years of life. don't judge me. 8(

3) the canopy flyer is very shiok HAHAHA ok it's not scary at all lol. :(


5) the end. i'm running out of things to say.

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