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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Okay, highlights of da week:

1) My maid had to fly back to Indonesia to settle an impending divorce + custody battle of her child. The best part? We didn't know about her marital status + the fact that she has a child all the way until now. The truth only unearthed when she told us about the mandatory voyage back to Indonesia.

2) Point No.1 resulted in me being kept under temporary house arrest, subjected to the lifestyle of a #singaporeanmaid. I kid, haha, but yes, it was the time I finally learnt how to be independant and do some household chores. Amen.

3) BOUGHT THAT TOPSHOP BURGUNDY BASEBALL JACKET THAT I'VE BEEN SALIVATING ABOUT FOR WEEKSSSSSSS (seen above). I was hesitant on buying it at first because I already have another baseball jacket lying around, so I decided to let it pass the first time I saw it, even though I reaaaaaally like it. It got sold out within days, I think. :(

So I sighed to myself and decided to get my poetic ass on, "Le sigh, that's fate for ya, Shermin. What isn't meant to be yours, won't be yours"... Then, just last week, while I was at Topshop @ Knightsbridge, I saw that these babies were restocked!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So it was a moment of epiphany+siaodingdong-ness: "FATE TURNED BACK AND SAID ALOHAAAAAAAAAAA!" And there you go, rofl. A new addition to my wardrobe.

And yeap, as always, the size UK6 is elusive. So I settled with UK8, a size larger than usual, but who cares, honestly? :P I mean, I've stayed with UK12/14 tops before, so this is no biggie ahaha.

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