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Friday, February 11, 2011


1) Oakham Market - my favorite thrift store to score all my loots ^_~... I've been luring all my friends into this trap, heeheehee. I probably look like some mildly psychotic shopper who visits that place religiously every Thursday (yay, new arrivals!).... yeeeeap.

2) Perfectly random Outfit of The Day picture. Just for a short trip down to IKEA since I was in the middle of refurbishing my room. I was trying to go for the whole 'oh-let's-take-a-picture-in-the-stair-ways-because-i'd-look-hipster-like-that' look and it was a... success, I guessed. Loved the depth of field. ;)

The denim shirt + bralette are both from Topshop, and while the tote isn't visible... it says 'FML'. Perfectly apt for how I'm feeling right now.


... but dad ruined it by saying that i can't drill any shit into the wall. Sad girl iz me. The end.

On a completely irrelevant note, Blogger's pictures uploader is a master of killing photos' quality, but thou couldn't care less. Thou is a lazy ass so thou shalt not bother uploading the photos onto Flickr until thou finally stop being a lazy ass. Which is probably... never. Or at least, not in the near future. The amount of 'Thou' is going to blind Thou. Okay, I should stop.


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