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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Let me introduce one of my most bimbotic creations to dateeeeeeee!

Sorry for the watermarked design. I did what I had to do. :(

This isn't exactly the finished product, but pretty much how I'd like it to look like, rofl. My skills are getting rusty but well, this is pretty much the best I could churn out after a creative hiatus + artist's block for so long. I think I haven't really exploited my Photoshop in more than a month or so!

Um, so, well yes, back on topic, you guessed it right. A shoebox design, hip hip hooray!

Okay, so, hear me out. There's a backstory behind this epic pink fluffiness~ Apparently, (a.k.a my holy grailllll to killer wedges, but also the dementor of my bank account) partnered with Jeffrey Campbell for a shoebox design competition. The winner will win a $1,000 shopping spree of JC shoes, and even if you're not the chosen one, there's also a few consolation prizes for the runner-ups...!

While I'm fairly sure I wouldn't get nominated/shortlisted, let alone win anything, I feel that I should just try to see if God will answer my prayers. I mean, afterall, JC's shoes are in the game, so let me just put in a token to see if I can win the jackpot.... yeehawwww!

Oh, and while we're on the topic of shoes+money, please support my selling post @ SHOPOHGALAXY! ^___^v I do need a new pair of shoes (preferably JC ones ;D), but unfortunately, I do not have the funds to back that up. ;)

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