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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Heh, spent the afternoon of the last day of January at Prinsep St. with a bunch of my favourite (and mildly psychotic) girls... over at MINDS Cafe. The board games and forfeits are... seriously LOL-WORTHY ttm. I had to say "Yes M'am" to any questions asked... and there was some ridiculously funny questions that I was forced to say "Yes" to, hah!

Prinsep Street is a quaint little gem waiting to be polished again and discovered. What lies in that tiny little street is a cafe that serves delicious pancakes, as well as a board-games cafe. Anyhoo, I've concurred that such underrated places are good spots to hang out at anyway, since you don't have to mingle among the mainstream crowds and overrated hotspots, which can get rather frustrating at times.

Mini Photoshoot at SOTA since it was nearby, hah! The lightning was fantasticccccc. 8D The pictures came out like dope shit so I ain't complaining even if we were behaving like zoo animals in front of the general public heh.

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