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Sunday, February 20, 2011

flea + evil valentine


Photoshoot + Stocking for Evil Valentine + Flea + USS (tomorrow). Let me pen this down in a chronological manner so that i wouldn't be confused. x_x


everything's a bore when you don't make sales.

Flashlightbatteriess's flea was rather dope, i'd say. I spent half the time nommingz on Ramly Burger + Frolick (2x of each ALOHA FATS!!! LONG TIME NO C) though. Delish delish delish. But hecka sinful. It was my first time setting up a booth there at FLB and I was mourning over the lack of sales at first. For the first four hours, I was in my sianzation stoning mode since nobody was buying shit. D: /inserts sad safe shermin here.

Extra guilt seeped in because I bought a MBMJ tote from smoochiezz way before I started to earn anything.

Glenda, LL, plus LL's cousin all made sales before the flea even officially started and I was in this 'WHY JUST ME? GOD, WHY JUST ME? PLEASE RAIN MONEY AND ALLOW PEOPLE TO BUY STUFF FROM ME'

And then for the last four hours of the flea, God seems to have answered my prayers anddddd bestowed buyers upon me. Aloha cash. $__$. People bought and bought, some nego-ed like this is the fish market (or worse. they're asking 5 bucks off a 10 bucks top, and hey, that top was from topshop, what more do you want?!), while some were swift with their purchases + didn't nego too much off the price i set, until I managed to sneak out a three-figure-earnings out of the entire flea before we packed up, yessir.

The weird thing is, all my buyers only started to flood in whenever I get out of the booth to grab me some burgers or froyo... maybe they're scared of my face :( /inserts crying face shermin here.

Etcerea shots we took cause flea's a bore when you don't make sales HAHA. Each of us took turns to do our respective shopping. I was in the 'fuck this i'm not gonna spend more than i earnt' mode so I didn't shop muchhhhh... I wanted to shop at EatingZombie (THEY HAD A $10 SALE RACK WTF) but they closed before 8pm. :/ Tough luck + sad to be me haha.

Our booth! Our loots that we wanted to clear. I just realized the entire table is basically monopolized by LL's goods! That impulsive spend-money-like-water-rushing-out-of-a-fire-engine-truck shopping queen (Y).

I luuuuuuuv it so much, i don't even care if i sound like a bimbo right now. I've been wanting it for a long time but MBMJ sprees are so elusive + expensive most of the time!

Stocking for Evil Valentine!

Soooooo, on last Friday, me and LL went around a certain wholesale centre (trade secret, shhhh) to find goods/loots for our upcoming Blogshop/Webstore, which is tentatively titled as Evil Valentine. Aptly named, no? Clothes are evil but we love them like our Valentine's, all the same. Credits to my constant lurking around Lookbook for the inspiration of that name.

Bandeau Jumpsuit (OUR FAVOURITE THIS COLLECTION I SWEARRR!!!!11!! I think we'll both keep a piece if nobody wants them HAHAHHA)

Honestly, if nobody is going to purchase these babies (which i doubt so and hope not), i'm totalllllly fine with keeping them for myself hehehe. Linglin is going to keep the seafoam green one while Vivian is already eyeing the baby pink one, heh. Maybe I'll stick with the safe and solid black ;)

Expect to see Tie-dye Maxi Dresses, Bandeau Jumpsuits, Vintage Postman Satchels, Topshop-esque Floral Romper, Chino Pants, etc etc in our debut collection. It's a small collection, but hey, I just wanna start small for now since we don't have much capital to pump in anyway. If things does get better, I'll definitely be open to introducing more and more items. Maybe even shoes, etc etc. But for now, just these few will do. The capital is solely dependant on our personal savings, since I didn't want to trouble my parents about this venture. I'll only get slighted upon anyway.


Wednesday was 'photoshooting day' for Glenda's upcoming blogshop (DIVING DINOS YO!!!!11!! - Okay, it's still under construction because I promised her I'll be doing up the template but obviously, porcastinationqueen94 at work here) and I was the abusive photographer of the day who demanded for her (the model) to angle her hips and legs properly, while instructing (more like commanding in a harsh tone) LL to go and fix her hair/clothes etc when things get a bit messed up, HAHAHAHA. I think I almost pulled a Tyra Banks 'SMILE WITH YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!' on Glenda because I got too much into the role of a presto photographer hehehehe.

But it was great fun while shooting and then abusing the Mac's Photobooth... until I tried to use Glenda's Macbook to do editting... I almost died because it was sooooo not user-friendly. (Perhaps it's my inner, inner, inner, Mac retard speaking)

But yessss, this is one of the shots that resulted from the shoot. Heavily photoshopped (in terms of the background and etc, not the model haha), the before-shot is horrible and beyond recognition, I swear.

Let me end this post with a L4D witch lookalike from our Photobooth adventures. :)))) Be warned though.

Okay buaytahan, I shall save back some of my face HAHAHAH by putting something normal too HAHAHA:

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