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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pros and Cons;

  • Mass Communications (@ SP/NP?), come to Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!
  • I've quitted my job @ Marks and Spencer despite the miserably-short 10-days-long stint over there. On the plus side, the pay should be rolling in soon (by mid-month, I hope). My pay is enough for me to survive by - I think.
  • I've gotten way better than expected for The Big Os. I think I got too excited - the moment I received my results, I yelled 'Fuck' in front of my form teacher super loudly. I think even the surrounding teachers heard me cussed. She normally recognizes me as The Mute One in class, so yeah, some discredit to my long-term pretense as The Mute One then. I went on to hop around the entire hall like a spastic 4-years-old, shrieking and tearing like a fucking pregnant hyena who is giving birth. If you're asking, no, I didn't get straight As. In fact, I was very far away from that. I've a grand D7 as well as another C6 on my results slip. But I'm truly contented with what I've.


  • My stye-that-turned-into-a-chalazion (Sounds Egyptian to you? Same here. I had to Google that, I'm no medical whiz but in layman's terms, it's just this stupid ball of hardened lump under my eyelid) is taking forever to heal. It has became fairly noticable since it formed last Wednesday (I guessed that it was getting that obvious since friends who haven't seen me in a million years kinda pointed it out to me on results day...) and it hasn't healed a single bit since. Chances are it's... 1) a tumour (pardon my pessimism but anything is possible), 2) just a simple but pesky chalazion. It hasn't gotten worse, but neither have it gotten any smaller either.
  • Did I mention that the chalazion is super awkward-looking?

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